The Valentine Surprise Part 6

Welcome to Part 6! Yes, it is pretty pointless in this one, but here the new guy Allistair is introduced! He has black hair, black eyes, tan skin, and tallness XD. It seems he and Ethen share a bitter past.

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Created by: Feygoddess of feygoddess kix butt >=)
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  1. You close your eyes, drifting to sleep. For what seems like one second, your existence is peacefully quiet. Then something crashes on the roof of the car, sending panic to its inhabitants inside. "HOLY S H I T!" You scream, and Charlotte sighs at your language, eerily calm. You envy her ability to see the future, and and instant later she turns toward you, her glance somehow conveying the message, "Do not wish for a life like mine." Blake seems less calm than the oracular girl, but more so than you and Ethen, who's car is crazily spinning around. Ephriam's inanimate limbs fly around with the vehicle like a ragdoll, hitting you and Blake. All of this you analyze in one, adrenaline-packed »»»»second«««««. >=D
  2. A head topped with tightly curled locks of midnight pokes down the shattered sun roof, even darker eyes assessing the sorry-looking group sitting in the ruined automobile. (He's a sorta Prince Caspian looking guy) They rest on you for a moment, eyes widening slightly in what you think may be astonishment. The look is interrupted by Ethen's crazy driving smashing into the local pub. The man is hurled forward, the body of an unlucky fleeing patron catching his fall. Despite the attacker's lean, attractive, muscular body (Me: Oh yeah you know where I'm going with this >;3), you don't think his human-cushion will survive. Ethen cusses foully, and Blake pulls you out of the car, motioning for Charlotte to do the same.
  3. Since Blake and Charlotte don't seem overly worried, you decide to tag along and investigate. On your way out, Ethen opens his door and slams his door shut, and in a blink of the eye he's gone.
  4. (Assuming you asked where Ethen was.... :D) Blake starts to answer, but the guy does it for him. "He particularly doesn't like me, and I don't blame him. Atleast he did us a favor, but ripping off licence plates, stealing cellphones and breaking security cameras only go so far. Police will be swarming here in a few minutes." By his tone, it appears he would enjoy wiping out the police. He walks past you, lightly grazing your shoulder with his upper arm as he inspects the dead passenger inside the once awesome car.
  5. Dragging Ephriam out of the car, the man finally sees Charlotte, at which he inclines his head slightly in a display of respect. The Oracle nods sagely, watching with seeing eyes. He turns his attention to you, now with speculating eyes.
  6. "What?" You ask. "It's a pity he couldn't have sped us away..." He said abstractly, a hint of criticism in his voice. You can't tell if it's directed at you or Ethen, so you just stare at him dumbly. He stares back, a slight smirk of challenge on his face. Your face reddens.
  7. Beside you, Blake sighs. "Allistair," he says, giving you the benifit of his name,"wants you to turn into a bird and carry us away." The latter is enough to break your stare as you turn your now incredulous eyes on him. "Hahaha, you are sooo funny." You snicker, punching Blake lightly on the arm. He doesn't react, his expression dead-pan serious.
  8. "A... a bird? WHAT? A bird? B-b-bird?" You stutter. "Yes, A BIRD. I thought you were supposed to be the all powerful __________ who will save us all." Allistair says sarcastically. You glare at him angrily. "Just imagine whatever bird you want and follow your instincts." Blake says, the downright rudeness at last grating on his temper. "How do I know he isn't some malovent demon come to rip my head off?" You say. Allistair chuckles and grins wickedly. "You flatter me, girl. But I would like much more than ripping your head off..." His voice trails off suggestively. Blake looks sharply at him, probably reading his mind. His fist suddenly swings toward him, but Allistair swiftly grabs it. "I may not have any powers Blake, but trust me, HQ trains its agents well. Now, can we hurry up?" He says. Blake nods tightly after a moment, Allistair releasing his hand.
  9. Allistair pulls out a large red crystal, placing it on Ephriam's chest. You are reminded of the black one Ryan tried to use on you, and you lunge at him, screaming bloody murder. The only thing stopping you from clawing off his face is Blake, his arm wrapped under your breasts to hold you back.
  10. Allistair raises one eyebrow, looking up as the ruby fuses with Ephriam. "What's her problem?" He asks, gesturing at you. "Ryan tried to use an onyx on her." Blake says through clenched teeth. "An ONYX?" Allistair exclaims. "So that was why HQ sent me here. I can't imagine your pathetic trio is doing a good job of guarding her." He pulls out a small spritzer of some sort from his sleeve and sprays some wierd white smoke on your face. Instantly your rage is replaced with calm. "A RUBY stone does not kill it's victim, merely sapping some of its energy. Ephriams recent death prevents him from feeling pain, and there is enough residue of his magic to both bring him back to life AND use the stone to turn us invisible, Unlike the black one, the red will return his powers back once it has been used. No harm done, _________."
  11. Blake lets you go as Allistair returns his attention to the resurfaced gem. Pulsating a firey crimson, he lifts it up carefully. When he sees you looking, that damn eye brow of his cocks up further. "Well? Do your thing. I don't suppose they have even STARTED your learning..." He sighs. Your nervousness returns, now replaced by a mixed feeling of embarrassment and anger.
  12. "I've only just met them!" You protest. "Really..??" He murmers, his eyes holding yours again. "And yet, your already falling head over heels for them."
  13. "Actually, that's where you are wrong. They've been stalking you forever, ________. It's a guardian thing." You start to say something, but a loud voice interrupts you. "PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD AND SLOWLY TURN AROUND." You look around and see you are surrounded by police. "Jesus, you would think that we robbed a bank or something." Allistair mutters. "PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD AND---" Before the law can say another word, Allistair tosses the crystal at Charlotte and throws something at the ground. Your mind registers it as a smoke grenade as the stuff rushes into your system, burning your eyes and nose. Coughing, you feel blindly around. Blake's arm appears under your hands, and as you touch him, bullets shoot toward you. Charlotte pulls you back, and as you let go the bullets freeze in midair. "So even Vaeyle has demons in the force..." She laughs, high and tinkling, before shoving into your hands the crystal. "Hurry up!" She hissed. "Turn into a bird! A BIG bird." She adds as an afterthought.
  14. "What?!" You cough. "DO IT." Charlotte slaps you (HAH LOL). "But..." "DOOOOOO IIIIIIT!!!!"
  15. The ruby fuses with you as you shift into bird form, and you feel a sort of connection with Ephriam, even though he's dead.
  16. It takes several minutes for you to realize what just happened, and when you do Charlotte, Allistair, and Blake (holding onto the bloody remains of Eph O____o) are sitting on you, grimly clutching your feathers. You want to say something like WTF but all that comes out is a shrill chirp, momentarily cutting out the sound of gunshots. "Go!" Someone says behind you, and you akwardly try flying. It's hard at first, but eventually you land by the healers' house. Ethen is standing in the door way.
  17. As you land, you will yourself to become visible. Ethen looks surprised. Charlotte and Blake dismount, carrying Ephriam into the house. Ethen starts to go in as well, but stops and turns around. "Are you coming in?" He asks, his eyes glancing at Allistair. "How polite of you to invite your former enemy--" Allistair starts, but Ethen interrupts him. "I wasn't talking to YOU. You're still my NIGHTMARE, and this isn't my house." He looks at you, his expression unreadable.
  18. Before you can turn back into a human to tell Ethen yes/no, Allistair stops you. "I wouldn't do that if I were you. I don't know if you were aware of it at the time, but when you changed your bloody clothes exploded. Sort of like Jacob in Twilight, which I imagine all you girls have seen atleast once. But I won't mind though." He grins. You scream a harsh caw at him, but he neatly dodges a peck that would have skewered a lesser foe. "Let me do the talking, babe." He says, patronizingly patting your feathered crest heaving in embarrassed rage. Ethen crosses his arms, staring loathingly at him. "HQ put me in charge of her. That meens I have the final say on the course of action, even if ___________ doesn't agree. I'm responsible for her safety now, and I am damn well going to make sure she wins us this war unharmed, Ethen." Allistair says, pulling out some sort of badge. Your head is reeling from what is going on, and you can barely comprehend what is going on.
  19. "Are you saying WE'RE the danger?!" Ethen says, his face livid. "Not necessarily," Allistair says slowly, "but she's safer with me. Besides, she has school tomorrow, and would probably like a change of clothes and a shower." Ethen finally looks at you, the hurt in his eyes completely unguarded. "So that's just it. We'll never see you again." He says, shoulders slumping.
  20. "Don't be ridiculous, Ethen. You haven't been demoted... yet... and I have a heart, despite what you may think. I loved Addriana too. Don't forget that. " Allistair says quietly. Ethen vanishes before anyone else can say anything.
  21. Allistair picks something off the ground, and as he turns to you, instead of looking at the object in his hands you look at his face. Surprisingly, it looks as if he is about to cry. A second later the look is replaced with the usual: a smirkish scowl of mischief and boredom. "I always liked Blake the best. He gave us a ruby:how considerate of him. His mind reading did annoy me though. A pity Ephriam wasn't here; he was quite a nice chap too." Looking at his hands, you see a sliver of red between his fingers.
  22. Allistair throws the crystal at your feet. POOF TTTTEEEELLLLEEEPPPOOORRRRRRTTT!!
  23. You open your eyes to find yourself infront of the door to your house. "Woops." Allistair says in a completely un-guilty voice. "You'll have to open the door yourself. Don't worry, I won't watch... much." You think...
  24. Quickly you solve your dilemma by turning into a miniscule bug. After several minutes of crawling and listening to Allistair's rather amusing complaints, you turn back into your regular self inside the coat closet. Grabbing a random long coat, you relieve your self of the cramped, stuffy room and start heading up to your room. The door bell rings, and you ignore it. Right about half way up the stairs, you hear Allistair say, "C'mon ______, don't make me have to break your door down." Sighing in defeat, you open the door a niche. He shoves it open and slips inside. "Sweet place. I'll be watchin' T.V." He says, ignoring you. "HEY!" You shout. "Yes?" He spins around, his face dangerously close to yours. It dampens the worst of your rage, and words nearly escape you. "Um... Th-this is MY house, so you follow MY rules." You manage to make out. "Eh. HQ put me in charge, baby. Whatever I want--" He starts, turning back around. "Hold on. What is this HQ I keep on hearing about?" You interrupt.
  25. "I shouldn't be surprised they neglected to tell you about our headquarters. All in sweet time, ________. All in sweet time." And with that, he's gone, off to ruin your house. You walk upstairs, shower, change, and fall asleep instantly as you hit your bed.

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