The Valentine Suprise Part 1

This is mah first story quiz. Hope you like! La lu lo, li li lop ley thuh nevgbv UGH Y DO WE HAF TO FILL OUT THIS? NO ONE READS IT ANYWAYS! UGH OMG YEESH BLAH BLAH BLAH CHEESE EW

Ephriam-Hazel eyes, brown hair. Blake- Green eyes, black hair. Ethen-Blue eyes, blonde hair. WHICH ONE WILL YOU LUV? Pie. Pie? Apple. Coconut cream! Pumpkin. TURD NUGGET!

Created by: Feygoddess of Feygoddess kix butt >=)
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  1. Your name is Eavelyn, but everyone calls you Eavy. You have long, silky blonde hair that waves to your waist, and pale, fair skin. You've got an amazing shade of green-blue eyes. You are seventeen with a rockin' body, and super intellegent!
  2. You wake up, your alarm ringing crazilly. You groan and get ready for school. When your done, you walk outdoors in time to see bus 469 run past. Crap! Now you have to walk to school. You start to, when a red sportscar starts cruising next to you. Then it stops and three guys walk out. Who do you notice?
  3. "Well hello sexy, I'm Ethen. This is Ephriam, and that's Blake." The blonde-haired guy says, gesturing about the group. Blake glances at you, the stares at his feet, blushing. Ephriam smiles tentatively and ventures a "Hi." Ethen just stands there, looking at your body appriecitatively.
  4. "Uh, hi. I'm Eavelyn, but please call me Eavy." You say. Ethen grins. "Need a ride?" He says. You nod, and you get in the back with Blake. Ethen drives, and Ephriam sits in the front.
  5. You drive to your highschool. On the way, Blake asks you to sit with you at lunch. You agree. Ephriam gives you a small kiss, and Ethen looks murderous. The bell rings, and you run to P.E.
  6. Gym, Choir, English, and Math fly by. Four hours later, you are walking to the cafeteria. You pause by your locker when you see Ephriam there. "Hi... Um... Eavy? Can I ask you something?" "Go for it." You say, smiling. "Uh... there's a Valentine's Dance tomorrow. Uhm... You know... Will you go with me?" He says. You think it over.
  7. You decide to think on it. Ephriam doesn't seem too dissapointed: in fact, he kisses you again in joy. You let it deepen until Ethen is there, angrily pulling you to the cafeteria. Blake is sitting at a lunch table, looking troubled. Ethen glares at Ephriam, and starts eating.
  8. You mostly eat in silence till a short, skinny red-head girl walks over. "Hey, Ethy-poo!" She coos sweetly to Ethen. He rolls his eyes in silence, grinning at you. "That's Lisa. Cheerleader captain." Lisa suddenly notices you, baring her teeth viciously. "Hi... Eavelyn, RIGHT?" She hisses. "Back off! Blake says, frowning. Blake sighs, and then lunch is over. Lisa snarls at you before stomping away.
  9. LALALA HOURS LATER-It's time to go home. The guys, who you figure out are best friends, drop you off at your house. You wave goodbye and check the mail real quick. You find a postcard from your parents saying they are having a blast on their vacation in Hawaii, and a bunch of ads no one ever reads. Your about to go inside when you see a letter in the corner of the box addressed to you. That's odd. You almost never get mail. It has a red heart stamp on it... maybe it's some sort of love letter? Hmm... You walk inside to your room and open it to read.
  10. It reads: To my Dearest Love Eavelyn, How I long to touch you, hold you tender at nights. I have been admiring you for weeks, and I can not remain indifferent to you any longet. I have seen the way men swoon over you, and it fills me with envy at the thought of them daring to kiss you. Meet me tomorrow at the lake near your school: it is the dance, is it not? -Anonymous
  11. Zzzz.... you eat, shower, etc, sleep. Who do you luv!?

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