The Time Traveling Heroes Part 7

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If you haven't read my previous quizzes, don't take this blah blah blah............

I Hate paragraphs, and my face, but I love my imagination. :P

Created by: JeanGirl

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  1. Okay, so we left of: Robin smiles evily. He leans to bite you but you smack his face, leaving a huge red mark on his cheek. He shakes his head confusedly. "________? What-" He begins, but shakes his head again. "Heh heh, excuse me darling, I was confused for a moment." Robin says and grabs your wrist. You try to wriggle out of them, but he's too strong. He looks you in the eyes, they're full of hate and deceit. You begin to tear up, just thinking about your friend gone evil. His expression changes to shock when he sees you cry. "Y-You're crying." Robin says and touches your face. Enchanca appears behin Robin and knocks him unconcious with her new wooden staff. She sighed sadly. "So hard to control him, you keep messing this up." She tells you. "Why can't YOU just kidnapp me? Are you too lazy or something?" You ask rudely. "Oh please girl, it is not my place to do so, my master believes it is not my fate." Enchanca tells you. "Who's your master?" You ask. "I can't tell you, dumb girl. If I did, you actually might figure it out." She tells you. "Well, I suppose I must prepare more dark magic on your little friend." She said, then dissapeared with Robin.
  2. You stand in the field, misserable. Brian comes running out of the portal door with his staff in his hand. "What happened?" He asks you. "Robin..." You answer. Brian face turns to anger, then to sympathy. He looks at you with his big blue eyes. Brian kisses you softly on the lips then backs away. He blushes. "Uh...sorry." He says shyly. "I-It's okay." You say, blushing too. Arthur, Alexander, and Malaysia join you below the mountain. You tell them about Robin and Enchanca coming again, but you decide to leave out the vampire goat. "He's fighting her, really well. I've never seen ANYONE able to withstand dark magic. He must really love you." Malaysia muses. Alexander clears his throat. "So, do we have to leave my house know?" He asks. "No Alexander, Enchanca must assume we are camping in the forest, but we must take shelter. We should not be out in the open so often." Arthur says. You all return to the cave. You and Malaysia talk while the boys watch ESPN. Marcel joines you and Malaysia on the floor by your beds and sits on your shoulder. "So...wanna be a guinea pig again?" Malaysia asks you. "Dunno, what do you have in mind?" "An expert spell, I can make you an expert in ANY type of weaponry." She says dramatically. "Cool. Let's do it!" You say. "Okay, what do you want to be an expert in?"
  3. If you choose swords: Malaysia mutters a spell and a tingly feeling travels through you arms and legs. You feel stronger and more confident. You pluck a sword from the ceiling of the cave. "Hey Arthur? Wanna practice?" You say smugly. Arthur looks up from the TV, happy to oblige. He plucks another sword from the ceiling and raises it. "I don't want to hurt you,_______" He claims. "Don't worry about me, babe. I'd watch your own back if I were you." You say. Arthur strikes down, but you parry his strike, sending his sword accross the cave. Everyone's now looking at you in amazement. You mouth the words "thank-you" to Malaysia. She raises her hand like "no prob".
  4. If you chose archery: Malaysia mutters a spell and you float in mid-air, green dust surrounding you, then just as quickly it came, it leaves. The boys didn't seem to notice because the started cheering when the Arizona Sundogs made a goal in some hockey game. You feel more agile and light, and you feel like doing a backflip of the bed. Instead, you find a bow and arrow hung on the cave wall. You wish Robin was there to be with you. You hand up a target on the cave entrance. You back up to the end of the cave, about a hundred feet away. You line up the target, pull back and release. You hear a Crack! A direct hit. They boys (finally) look up and notice your direct bulls-eye. You run to the target. It's actually hit in the dead center.
  5. If you chose Martial Arts: Malaysia mutters a spell and lightning feels like it's coursing through your veins. It hurts a little, bit when the feeling leaves, you feel flexible, and like you can't stay still. "Brian!" You yell. Brian turns to you happily. "Yeah?" He asks anxiously. "Come on! Practice fighting with me!" You yell back. Brian looks confused, but grabs his staff and walks toward you. He readies his staff and you get into a fighting stance.(I did karate for a while, so I know what I'm talking about...I think) He brings his staff under your legs, tripping you, but instead of falling, you land on your hands, push yourself up, and land back on your feet. In other words: You did a cartwheel. You smile. Everyone looks at you shocked, except for Malaysia who looks satisfies with herself.
  6. If you chose guns: Malaysia mutters a spell and black smoke comes out from her mouth, snaking around you legs and into your mouth. "Gross." You say. You feel more alert, more quick. You turn to face the boys, waiting to see the look on their faces, but they're just watching Marcel attacking the TV while they're showing a scene from Friends with Ross. Apparently, he never liked David Schwimmer. "Alexander!" You yell. Alexander looks back at you. "Whazzup?" He asks. "Wanna help me shoot?" You ask. "Guns?" "Yep!" You say. Alexander shrugs, grabs a hand gun off the wall and heads outside. You grab a gun too and meet Alexander outside of the cave. "Okay, whoever can hit three birds first wins, okay?" Alexander says. You nod in aggreement and drawn your gun. You spot a crow and pull the trigger, sending it to the ground. Alexander, looking determined to impress you know, aims his gun at another bird, pulls the trigger, but misses. You aim at the same bird and send it to the ground. One to go. You don't see anymore birds, but see a butterfly in the far distance. "See that bug?" You ask Alexander. "Yeah." He replies. "Watch." You tell him. You aim at the bug, pull the trigger and the butterfly falls out of the sky. (and if your mad at me for killing a bird, it's actually your fault. You chose this one, YOU killed the birds, not me)
  7. Night comes and you all decide to go to sleep. Malaysia mouths words in her sleep, hopefully not spells. Arthur is lying sideways on the bed on top of the covers, smiling in his sleep. Brian sleeps on his back, grasping his staff. Alexander covers himself under the sheets, tossing and turning. You close your eyes(eyelids,actually)and have a vision. You see Robin lying in some prison. He wakes up, his eye color now normal. He backs into a corner and sits there. He shivers from the cold and rubs his hands together. "Robin?" You ask. Robin looks around like he heard a noise. "________?" He asks. (_______ means put your name there, I had to make that clear to the stupid people)"Robin! I'm here!" You yell. "Where? I can only hear you in my head." He says. "I'm in Alexander's home! Where are you?" "I-I don't...yes, I remember! I'm in- CLIFFHANGER!!!
  8.'re gonna comment, right?
  9. Don't you just HATE me for making cliffhangers?
  10. Last question: What is your favorite novel. (And for you idiots out there, a novel is a book, and for the MAJOR idiots, a novel is something people read before computers)

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