The Ultimate Test of Ultimate Geekosity

Many people claim to be geeks, but not everyone can step up to the plate and answer superbly awesome geek questions. (even if the answers are on Wikipedia, hint) This quiz was made especially for Ms Angela Miller when I should have been working. So you had better pass the test after my morning of thinking geeky thoughts! :)

Are you a geek? I thought I had already written this paragraph but the website is asking me for another one. I dunno! Also, this has to be so many characters long. Ho hum. Is this long enough yet? Hopefully!

Created by: Robin

  1. Scott Bakula is the coolest dude in Sci-Fi, and captain of the Starship Enterprise! But what was his characters' name in Quantum Leap?
  2. The 1980's was the best decade for kids TV, ever. Berk and the Thing Upstairs appeared in which 1980's animation?
  3. Why does nobody everyone seem to confuse manga and anime?! Anyway... which of the following anime is not based on an original manga?
  4. Big Bird has a friend who was a woolly mammoth...but what was his name? Ha! Yes, you have to spell it!
  5. The mutant Proteus was a right pain in the arse to the X-Men. But what nationality was he?
  6. Spaced is the best British sitcom starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to be released in the year 2000. Oh yes! But what was Nick Frost characters' name?
  7. The saddest scene from any film, ever, is when the horse sinks into the swamp in the Never Ending Story. If you didn't cry, then you are dead. But what was the horses name?!
  8. The Justice League of America was the name of a social club where DC Comics heroes met, mostly to discuss why they sucked in comparison to Marvel heroes. But who was not a member of the JLA?
  9. What is the missing word from the followng theme tune? - "Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof, __________ are always ready!"
  10. Psammead was a sand fairy who scared the hell out of me, always as much as ET. But which book, TV series, and movie did he appear in?

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