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  • Let me put this into words even you can understand. YOU...NOT...VERY... CLEVER. For god's sake be cool and know something idiot! You nearly got 0%! You must be really dippy if you can't work out 2 + 2! No offence. Please comment on this quiz because I'd love to know what you really think!
    Wow thanks you're really insensitive and ugh I'm not stupid (stupid is not spelled stoopid). I just did that to see what the worst results could be.

    aurya Aug 20 '15, 3:29PM
  • got genius 100% :D

    MooMoo31 Jun 1 '15, 5:40PM
  • I got genius and it's 911 not 999

    johnsoncool676 Jan 26 '15, 4:31PM
  • Average. Also, stop fighting over countries. Geography sucks!

    Cobalt Jan 7 '15, 10:55AM
  • In Canada its 911

    KrazyCreamIce Aug 8 '14, 4:03PM
  • Got 86%

    Sami12 Jan 26 '14, 6:52AM
  • 98% genius GEEK! You are sensible and know everything about everything and act your age (or over!). Well done for being smart wooo go you yeah! Please, please comment on this quiz because I want comments and I would love it if you gave your true views about it so yeah please!

    shoottowin Oct 2 '13, 1:03PM
  • Ummm, was stupid spelled "stoopid" on purpose? Or, do you not know how to spell?

    booknerd324 Aug 26 '13, 9:04PM
  • :p

    blue and gold101 May 16 '13, 7:18PM
  • Great quiz^~^ but cant it be a little bit smart i mean about the question its kinna easy to ans heh.

    Clairemio Apr 8 '13, 4:56AM
  • If you're going to make a quiz about being smart, don't make the questions be about one specific country. I personally don't care what the emergency number is for Great Britain. Make it more general.
    I got 89% smart, by the way. Ehh :P

    tenten16 Feb 7 '13, 10:32AM
  • I should have got genius I live in America and I know what the Union Jack is I know that 999 is the emergency number for a country and I got all the questions right

    Babypenguinchic Dec 3 '12, 5:53AM
  • I only got the flag? . It was the union jack. Everything else....... well I'm not smart... AT ALL

    dreams Dec 3 '12, 12:44AM
  • If I got smart then why is my IQ 146 this quiz sucks

    Babypenguinchic Dec 2 '12, 12:55PM
  • Lol I got average. I got averagecuz I was trying to stupid lol. And why is 999?! It's supposed to be 911?!

    XxSophiacxX May 21 '12, 12:26AM
  • oh i got genius :)

    serenity smith May 19 '12, 4:02PM
  • well i am in AG classes XD

    serenity smith May 19 '12, 4:01PM
  • Agreed with Blackwing.

    And how are we suppose to know what the British flag is called?! Not all of us are from England.

    DaughterOfApollo May 13 '12, 1:27AM
  • yes i am genuis!!!

    christj1 Jan 31 '12, 1:44PM
  • ok i found out what 999 means but who cares thank you i was called an idiot before screw them

    h20nicki Nov 6 '11, 3:19PM
  • lol im from new zealand, so 911 and 999 mean absolutley nofin 2 mai. 111 howeva does

    LolcatEpicFails Sep 30 '11, 9:16PM
  • Pffffffft AMERICA IS WAY BETTER THAN DUMB OLD BRITIN. What the heck is 999
    The emergency number in America is 911

    Blackwing Aug 2 '11, 11:20PM

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