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Ahh, Little Big Planet. Such an amazing series. So much creativity, with building, and adventure! Creating levels for all to see, and playing the levels others made, too. It's a lot like Minecraft. No..... It's BETTER than minecraft! Yeah, I went there.

So.... How much do you know about LBP? Do you just now know about it? Or have you know about it since the first game? Let's find out in this test, The Ultimate LBP Quiz!

Created by: Colin, Ctodd1973 on LBP of this site
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  1. Who is Sackboy?
  2. What is the name of the villan in the first game?
  3. How many levels can you publish?
  4. Who invented the Sackbots?
  5. What has overrun the Cool Levels page?
  6. How many characters can you play as in the third game?
  7. How many layers do you have in the second game?
  8. Did MM make the third game?
  9. Did you like this quiz? (Does not effect.)
  10. Will you check out my LBP account, Ctodd1973? (Does not effect.)

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