Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

There are many dancing shows around the world, but AUDC is the best! You have to be a true fan to do this extraordinary quiz. See if you have what it takes to be Abby's Ultimate Fan!

Are you a true fan?! Do you have the knowledge to do this quiz?! If only there was a way to find out? Wait there is! Take this quiz and youll be thanking me that you did!

Created by: Kenakjhnsn
  1. How many group dances were there in season 2
  2. Who was eliminated in the first episode
  3. Who was in the trio sirens
  4. What was the last group dance called
  5. What was different about the judges between season 1-2
  6. In season 1 who was eliminated in the first episode
  7. What was the boy's name in season 1
  8. Who in season 1 got their call back card
  9. Which dancer in season 1 got a chance to be on dance moms
  10. Who is now a cheerleader
  11. In season 2 what were the last 3 dances called
  12. Which mother got gum stuck to her nose
  13. Which dancer got call back cards in season 2
  14. Guess the lyric "Every soul we take"
  15. How many times did Trinity win a challenge
  16. What was Kalani's favorite solo
  17. What was Kalani's favorite solo
  18. Who were the judges in season 1
  19. What solo is this emoji 📼⭐
  20. Did you like my quiz

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