Will you be able to make it into ALDC?

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Abby Lee Dance Company is the home of the one of the nation's most talented dancers. You may know ALDC from the hit TV reality-show "Dance Moms". The show takes focus on girls traveling with their team and mothers, competing in various dance competitions, often winning wherever they go. Graceful, courageous, glamorous, and undefeatable. They are amazing dancers with crazy potential.

Have you ever wondered if you could be like one of them, though? With great moves and amazing dance skills, let's see if you are capable or not to join one of the best dance studios in the country.

Created by: Stephanie

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you want to dance in the future and start a career as a dancer?
  2. How many types of dance do you know/have you mastered?
  3. Do you have a passion for dance?
  4. How many consecutive pirouettes can you do?
  5. Do you know any acrobatic gymnastics?
  6. How flexible are you?
  7. Are you en pointe?
  8. Do you attend dance class?
  9. Are you artistic?
  10. Can you act, sing, and model?
  11. Are you good-looing, thin, and graceful?
  12. What is your favorite style of dance?

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Quiz topic: Will I be able to make it into ALDC?