How Much do you Know About Dance Moms?

Most of us know of the hit reality TV show about the elite group of dancers, trying to become famous under the name of their crabby dance teacher, Abby Lee Miller.

We all know the moms know every little thing about their girls. But how much do you know about these dancers? What can you name about Abby's dancers?

Created by: Makenna

  1. What Season is Dance Moms currently on? (As of 1/18/16)
  2. How many girls are currently on the team?
  3. How often do they have a competition?
  4. Who is considered Abby's favorite?
  5. What studio do these girls dance at?
  6. Who is the youngest on the show?
  7. Where did Abby recently open a new studio?
  8. What style do they most often dance in a group routine?
  9. What does Abby call her team?
  10. What happens at the beginning of each episode?
  11. Which of Abby's girls sang the song "Wear 'Em Out"?
  12. How many moms are there?
  13. What girls who are still on the show have been on it since day 1?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Dance Moms?