Dance moms trivia

There are many people who think they are the ultimate Dance Moms fan. Are you that person? Can you honestly say that you could be that person? An ultimate Dance Moms fan is someone who knows everything about the show.

If you can honestly say your the ultimate Dance Mom fan, then you should definitely take this quiz. Shoot you should take this quiz anyway, whether you are a huge fan or not. It's really fun!!!

Created by: Caitlin
  1. What is Brooke and Paige moms name?
  2. What is Chloes moms name?
  3. Who is Abby's favorite dancer?
  4. Who WAS Abby's favorite dancer?
  5. Which mom was a student at Abby's dance studio?
  6. Who are the twinnies on the show?
  7. When is Paige's birthday?
  8. Who left Abby for candy apples?
  9. Who owns Candy Apple dance studio?
  10. Who has a son named Josh?
  11. Who are the original 6 dancers?
  12. Who was one of Abby's best dancers?
  13. Who is always the second best?
  14. Who is the oldest dancer?
  15. Who is the youngest dancer?
  16. Who is the opposing team?
  17. Who is Abby's favorite mom?
  18. Who was the first one to forget on stage?
  19. Who has the biggest mouth out of the moms?
  20. Who is the one mom no one likes?

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