Do you know your Ultimate Gods?

What do you know about the Ultimate gods? Does the name Gaiztoak instantly make you think of evil? Test your knowledge here and see if you know enough to even look at them

You want to know your ultimate god trivia level? Take this test to know your experience with these omnipotent masters of evil, good, order, chaos, and even hatred!

Created by: Pikachu is bae
  1. Which Ultimate god used the name Brannod to sneak into humanity
  2. Which ultimate god goes by the screen name BlandTaffie
  3. Who is the god/goddess of fear?
  4. Moraeus and Ama have a son, what does he rule over?
  5. Who is the god of dependance?
  6. True or false, Moraeus has four arms
  7. True or False, Gaiztoak has red hair
  8. True or False, Ama is a nice goddess of death
  9. True or False, Gaiztoak's realm is filled with fire
  10. True or False, Samanta never had a crush
  11. True or False, Bonumo has a mouth
  12. How many children did Pandora give birth to?
  13. What gods are the "Main 5"?
  14. Which of the following is NOT a regular Ultimate Godly power
  15. Last question, who did Gaiztoak marry?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my Ultimate Gods?