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  • Perfect!

    Horseluver Nov 26 '11, 2:54PM
  • Perfect :D

    Wolfeyes77 Nov 26 '11, 12:47PM
  • Your Result: Perfect!

    Your weight is perfect, you eat right and in the right amount. Congratulations! Keep up the good work and maybe even help others loose some weight too! Have a great day! :)

    yay ty im sure ur pefect too! cool quiz!

    h20nicki Nov 25 '11, 9:24PM
  • I got close to overweight. To tell you the truth, I took this quiz because I seem a little fat and I'm constantly bullied for being fat. My weight is fine for my height because on those charts in the doctor's office it says it's normal. It's actually closer to the skinny side. If you were gonna ask weight, you should at least put a height question too.

    Teresa22 Nov 25 '11, 7:33PM

    cindy rocks Nov 25 '11, 7:15PM
  • dude i wouldn't take this quiz because its just a piece of junk if you wanna know how much you weigh.... go to the docter. i mean like really this is just a quiz it can't tell you your futer.....i mean why would you even make this quiz and what if someone got overweight that would make them feel bad so just don't listen to the person who made this quiz if your reading this DONT LISTEN TO THEM THEY DONT REALLY KNOW ITS JUST A BUNCH OF STUPID ANSWEARS!!!!

    Alex4465 Nov 25 '11, 2:30PM
  • Your Result: Close to overweight.

    Take it easy with the food. You are not overweight, but getting close. Try to cut back. Maybe your about 2-4 pounds over, not much but can soon turn into 40-100 pounds overweight. Have a nice day! :)

    Alex4465 Nov 25 '11, 2:26PM
  • perfect :3

    JulzBaby Nov 25 '11, 11:52AM
  • got perfect!!!!!

    bieber_fever1144 Nov 25 '11, 10:41AM
  • Perfect ya

    little cutie Nov 25 '11, 10:24AM
  • if people honestly take these quizzes seriously, then you guys are seriously delusional. if you really want to know how healthy your weight is, see a doctor. this quiz told me i'm healthy but i know i'm a little fat. i'm 95 pounds; i'll feel comfortable after losing 10 pounds...

    waterfalle Nov 25 '11, 5:55AM
  • I am underweght. thats a good and bad feeling. good b cuz a bunch of flabby pancakes in TN and bad b cuz makes it seem like im starving

    Harrysgirl Nov 25 '11, 3:10AM
  • Perfect. Yay.
    I'm a 116 5'3 and I always thought I was fat.
    But I wanna drop 10 lbs. (:

    Duhh Sunshinee Nov 25 '11, 1:51AM
  • yeah, that's about right. good job on the quiz!

    Lynner Nov 25 '11, 12:26AM
  • Perfect! yay! thnx :)

    Kiki rocks Nov 24 '11, 11:41PM

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