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  • I honestly don’t know why I took this test it just made me feel bad abt myself lol. I got close to overweight which is pretty acturate I think. I’m a girl and I’m 5’6” and like 175 pounds which is pretty heavy. It just sucks though cause three years ago I was barely 115 pounds :( I’ve let myself get fat. The only reason the doctors haven’t called me unhealthy is probably cause I’m still in softball. And I hate myself sometimes cause I know I need to lose weight but I just keep eating. I promised my mom I’d finally go on a diet and I’ve put on 5 pounds since then. Maybe if I didn’t live next to a McDonald’s I wouldn’t be so super-sized... (pun intended)

    tracy22 Jun 8 '18, 12:11AM
  • I am 13 years old 5 feet 3 in and I weigh 99 pounds it says I am overweight I don't know what to think about my body. I think I could probably lose a couple pounds.

    Chilloutbro2018 May 20 '18, 12:35PM
  • im 13 5'2 and a girl im 89lbs says im perfect idk i have a bit of extra fat id like to lose but my friends and family think im fine

    meganb Apr 28 '18, 6:31PM
  • Aw for everyone here who commented, being overweight or whatever isn't bad, it just may be harder to get around, but don't let yourself get down!
    I got perfect, but i'm 5'3, 13, and weigh 112 pounds. I actually started eating less and my mom got worried and kinda makes me eat now...but she says i'm fine, and so do my friends. My problem is mirrors make me look to fat for my head, and photos, idk if anyone else has that problem, but anyways, I still haven't learned yet, but be happy with the way you are because each and everyone of you is perfect! 😊

    klbell24 Mar 16 '18, 3:40PM
  • The results say I'm perfect. but I think I should be a little thinner. I'm 5'4 and 120 lbs

    gamergirl1998 Mar 2 '18, 7:23PM
  • I got really starting to get big this time, "you're starting to enter the beginning of obesity" wow.
    One year later, (almost), I'm 14 now, weigh 171lbs and am 5'3.
    At least I'm happy with the way my weight is :)

    Beehive Sep 30 '17, 7:52AM
  • I got perfect. I'm 5'10" and weigh 150 pounds.

    BLUESTAR2323 Aug 8 '17, 9:03PM
  • I got perfect. I am 18 years old, 5'4 1/2" and weigh about 130 pounds. I feel like I am fat, but everyone (including my doctor thinks I am perfect) My mom thinks I am big boned, but that is about it. I am a girl by the way.

    anonygirl1999 Jun 5 '17, 7:47PM
  • I'm 14 (15 in like a month) and 6'5, 230. Im guessing most of my weight is muscle since I barely have a stomach, and I'm not "flabby" anywhere else.

    KyleCanucks53 Jan 25 '17, 3:58PM
  • i'm 13 and 5'2, 184 pounds. i got a morbidly obese. is there a fat kids like me?

    fatnam4517 Dec 29 '16, 9:17AM
  • I'm 13 and 5.2 at 143lbs. I got overweight, I've been gaining a lot so it makes sense to me.

    Beehive Dec 5 '16, 11:34AM
  • It said i was almost over weight. Im 14 years old, 5'7 and 140 pounds. I personally think I'm overweight. I don't have much of a flabby stomach i just have big thighs

    Depressed_Emo Sep 6 '16, 12:52AM
  • I feel fat though, I am 13 and 5 foot and 89 pounds, like thats like faat

    PollsandQuizzes Aug 3 '16, 5:58PM
  • It said I am perfect
    I am 13 and way 89 pounds, but it didn't give me the option to anything less than 100 pounds...soooo

    PollsandQuizzes Aug 3 '16, 5:56PM
  • Drink urine to lose weight.

    23r4x Jun 21 '16, 1:13AM
  • It said that i am obese when i am a stick! Wtf????!!!!!!

    Mini Minion Jun 13 '16, 11:44AM
  • It said way too underweight but I'm 5'2 and 90 lbs and I think that's normal. xD

    PotatoChan Jun 7 '16, 4:39AM
  • This is an ok quiz. I got close to overweight. Ive been steadily putting on about 1kg a month for the last 8months ish.ive known u was getting fat - i gan grab handfulls of fat on my stomach. I really want to lose weight but I just crave chocolate and eat it all the time. I dont know what to do - any tips? Thx

    anon13 Jun 6 '16, 7:21AM
  • Really starting to get big. I hate being fat-68 large rolls.

    SoBig Jun 3 '16, 1:05PM
  • i love urine

    52345 Jun 2 '16, 8:17PM
  • This is the stupidest quiz eva bro1!!! Get a flippen life you spastik. Go back to school or call the reading writing hotline: 1300655506 :)

    52345 Jun 2 '16, 8:15PM
  • This is the stupidest quiz eva bro1!!! Get a flippen life you spastik. Go back to school or call the reading writing hotline: 1300655506 :)

    52345 Jun 2 '16, 8:14PM

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