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Created by: A hobo that stalks you
  1. Which of these is not an italian car maker?
  2. Which of these Is the name of the predecessor of the Nissan G.T.-R r35?
  3. The car company, Tesla, uses what type of fuel for their cars?
  4. How are the three car makers, chevy, Chrysler, and ford, uncommonly abbreviated?
  5. Which car, out of these, is a car that starred in the movie, "2fast 2furious?"
  6. What was the color of the Nissan skyline in the movie, "2fast 2furious?"
  7. What is the successor of the Pagani Zonda named?
  8. Where is the car, Ferrari F.X.X. Based on?
  9. Which two cars are on the cover of the video game, need for speed hot pursuit? (the new hot pursuit)
  10. Which car here goes from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds with its special package?

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