Ultimate Scream Quiz

I created this quiz because I am a true fan of the Scream trilogies and I wanted to know who is fan as much as I am. Out of all of the Scream movies I am most obsessed with the first scream so I decided to quiz you guys on it.

This is a basic quiz. If you cannot get at least a eighty-five percent on this quiz you are not the Ultimate Scream Fanatic. So go ahead see if you are as smart as me when it comes to The best horror movie ever.

Created by: silentp18

  1. Who did Sidney dislike?
  2. Sidney and Billy's bedroom scene is similar to a scene in what movie?
  3. What character was David Arquette supposed to play?
  4. Who were The killer(s).
  5. Who was killed by their own doing?
  6. Where did Sidney's father say he'll be staying at?
  7. Who's murder wasn't shown in the movie
  8. Who was the lead suspect?
  9. Which actress did Dewey say he can see playing SIdney?
  10. Who's throat was slashed?
  11. Who plays Gale Weathers?
  12. Who plays Billy?
  13. Which character survived?
  14. Who had to fight for their role in the movie?
  15. Which actors got married later on in the series?

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