Scream Trilogy Quiz

The world is filled with awesome scary movies. But have you heard of the Scream trilogy? If you don't know what trilogy means, it means (3 things) If you liked all 3 Scream movies and think you are the ultimate Scream fan of the world? Take this quiz to decide your Scream trilogy fate.

You do think you are good at Scream? We'll see about that, here's the thing. I gave almost 50 questions based on the Scream trilogy, the goal is to get everyone right. If you didn't watch Scream yet, don't take this quiz. If you did, you know what im sayin, TAKE THIS QUIZ! ENJOY!!!

Created by: Nick

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  1. when was Scream released?
  2. whats the name of the girl in the opening scene?
  3. who is the first victim killed?
  4. who is sidney's boyfriend?
  5. who is sidney's best friend?
  6. who is in to horror movies?
  7. the night sidney is attacked by the killer, and billy arrives, what does he drop?
  8. who does sidney frame after billy is released from jail?
  9. who is the reporter?
  10. who is the cop?
  11. who is the cameraman?
  12. who was raped then killed but wasn't shown but mentioned?
  13. how many survivors were there? (including Sidneys father)
  14. how many people died? (not including the killers).
  15. who was the main killer?
  16. when was Scream 2 released
  17. What movie does the couple go see?
  18. the couple die
  19. who is Sidney's roommate?
  20. who is Sidney's boyfriend?
  21. who is sidney's boyfriend's best friend?
  22. How many times is Maureen stabbed while at the movie theater?
  23. who dies that night?
  24. How?
  25. who dies next?
  26. who goes to the auditorium to look at the video tapes of the crime scenes?
  27. In the car scene, who is killed by the killer?
  28. who was the main killer?
  29. who saved sidney?
  30. how many survivors were there?
  31. how many people died? (not including the killers)
  32. when was Scream 3 released?
  33. who was killed in the opening scene?
  34. who else dies?
  35. who is Dewey's girlfriend?
  36. who was detective kincaide played by?
  37. What does the killer do when Dewey, Gale, Tom, and Angelina go to Jennifer's house?
  38. who gets killed during that time?
  39. who else dies during that scene?
  40. Sidney's mother was alive.
  41. What did the detective tell Sidney at the police station about the rules?
  42. who's house did they go to?
  43. how many people survived?
  44. How many people died? (not including the killer)
  45. Sidney, Gale, and Dewey survived the whole trilogy
  46. Which Scream movie wasn't written by Kevin Williamson
  47. who was the killer in Scream 3?
  48. Who directed the Scream trilogy?

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