the ULTIMATE quiz

this quiz tests your knowlegde of icarly,the simpsons,wizards of waverly,two and a half men and eastenders. i called it 'the ultimate quiz' because its the ultimate TV quiz.

are YOU a TV genius. do you have what is takes to pass the test. until now you could only wonder. but thanks to this great quiz,in just a few minutes you can find out.

Created by: howya123

  1. ok,i'll start with eastenders.who died in december 2005
  2. which character isn't original
  3. who shot phil mitchell
  4. now lets start the icarly questions. who plays griffin in idate a bad boy
  5. who was freddie's first kiss
  6. who is carly's enemie
  7. now the wizards of waverly place questions.what are the names of three of alex's boyfriends
  8. how does mason know juliet
  9. who is alex's best friend
  10. tracey beaker.what does tracey call the childrens home she's in
  11. what is the name of tracey's enemy
  12. what is tracey's foster mum called
  13. two and a half men.what is charlie's fiancé's name
  14. who is rose
  15. what is judith's fiancé's name
  16. simpsons. is the voice of bart a boy or a girl.
  17. what is mr.burns's first name
  18. who fancie's lisa

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