Are you the ULTIMATE Bieber fan

There are many Bieber fans out there but only a few has what it takes to ace the ULTIMATE quiz!!! So come on and have a go.... AND MAKE JUSTIN PROUD!!!

Are YOU Justin Bieber's BIGGEST fan??? well if you think you are have a go at this quiz and test yourself and see if you acctually know everything about J.b.

Created by: J.B's BIGGEST fan!!

  1. What is Justin's middle name?
  2. What is the name of Justin's dog?
  3. Which of the following is NOT one of Justin's songs?
  4. What is one of Justin's favourite bands?
  5. Justin likes clothes from which store?
  6. Justin likes to pick girls up where?
  7. What is Justin's song "where are you now" about?
  8. What is Justin's favourite food?
  9. "and i was like baby, baby, baby ooooh" belongs to which one of Justin's songs?
  10. Who is Justin's celebrity crush?
  11. Who is Justin's celebrity crush?
  12. What breed is Justin's dog?
  13. What colour are Justin's braces?
  14. What is the name of the person who discovered Justin?
  15. What is the name of his friend's sister that Justin used to date?
  16. What is Justin's half-brother's name?

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Quiz topic: Am I the ULTIMATE Bieber fan