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This is for readers of sphinxs-legend's Green Eyed Monster, starring Audrey Potter. There have been trivia quizzes for all of the separate books and there have even been personality quizzes, but how much do you know about Audrey Potter, herself?

Audrey Potter is quite a complicated character, even I have to go back and re-write things to keep up with her quick mind and sharp tongue. Do you know her well enough to know how she has, or will, react in the finale?

Created by: EgyptsLegend

  1. We'll start off easily: who was Audrey's first kiss?
  2. Who was the first friend Audrey made at Hogwarts?
  3. Severus Snape loved Audrey from the get-go.
  4. Who initially pushed Audrey away when she was sorted into Slytherin?
  5. What is Audrey's middle name?
  6. Is Audrey right or left handed?
  7. Which of these subjects did Audrey NOT get an O.W.L. in?
  8. Can Audrey see Thestrals?
  9. How did Theodore's mother die?
  10. Besides Harry or people mocking her, who was the first man to tell Audrey he loved her?
  11. Who came up with the name "Drea"?
  12. This is for those who read the #GreenEyedMonster facts: if Audrey was not placed in Slytherin, where would the Sorting Hat have placed her next?
  13. We know Audrey needs glasses, but has Audrey ever had glasses?
  14. What caused Audrey's fear of water?
  15. What drove Audrey to endlessly think about kissing Draco Malfoy?
  16. Is Audrey better at Incantated or Cantated magic?
  17. What wood is Audrey's wand made from?
  18. Audrey's less-famous 'X' shaped scar is placed where on her neck?
  19. Which Slytherin painted the words "SLAG" on Audrey's sheets?
  20. What was the first public sign that Audrey could do advanced Cantated Magic?
  21. What is wrong with Audrey's Magnuse?
  22. Who was the first Slytherin to get away with calling Audrey by "Drea"?
  23. What excuse did Audrey not use as an alibi for not having time to put her name into the Goblet of Fire?
  24. What about Divination makes Audrey feel ill?
  25. Out of the following, who can Audrey stand the least?
  26. What was subtly touched upon between Harry and Audrey?
  27. Of the following, what is not true about Harry's wand?
  28. Who did Audrey dance with at the Yule Ball?
  29. Who is the first to acknowledge that Audrey is more harm to herself than others when she's depressed?
  30. Last, but certainly not least, has Audrey ever seen Slytherin's Skean before?

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