Green Eyed Monster Trivia: Order of the Phoenix

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Do you know the Order of the Phoenix part of "Green Eyed Monster"? A lot of readers say they know how Audrey will react to things or what she will do: but can you remember the things she's already done?

Let's see what you can remember. These questions will only have things to do with the Order of the Phoenix, the second sequence of Green Eyed Monster - can you remember Umbridge's reign and Audrey's induction into the Inquisitorial Squad?

Created by: EgyptsLegend
  1. Audrey discovers after the events of fourth year that she no longer has what?
  2. On the other hand, Audrey discovers she now might be able to use what?
  3. While the Order is transporting the Potter twins to Number Twelve Grimmauld Place, what does Audrey discover she likes?
  4. Audrey is wounded during her stay at Number Twelve Grimmauld Place, why does this make her happy?
  5. What is the deal that Audrey makes with the Order of the Phoenix?
  6. How does Snape often show his encouragement to Audrey?
  7. In the original novels, who was the Slytherin prefect that Audrey replaced?
  8. Did Audrey go to the hearing with Harry?
  9. During her meeting with the Order, Audrey admits that she kisses a Weasley. Which reaction concerning a Weasley actually happened?
  10. Which Slytherin wrote 'SLAG' on Audrey's bedsheets?
  11. Why does Umbridge trust Audrey?
  12. When did Audrey decide to spy and work against Umbridge?
  13. Audrey pranks the Slytherin girls by using a Boggart she had trapped during her time in Number Twelve Grimmauld Place. What did the Boggart look like when she trapped it?
  14. When did Audrey start being more kind towards Draco, with or without knowing it?
  15. What did Malfoy warn the Gryffindors about?
  16. How does Sirius visit Audrey when she is in Hogwarts?
  17. Why does Umbridge seem to show a particular liking to Audrey?
  18. What differs from the Gryffindor dorm rooms to the Slytherin dorm rooms?
  19. Who is the biggest Draco-Audrey advocator between their friends?
  20. How did Malfoy start showing his affection for Audrey (besides all of his innuendos)?
  21. How does Audrey receive the articles about Draco and herself from the Daily Prophet?
  22. What situation does not happen involving Malfoy and Montague with Audrey present?
  23. What does Audrey not admit when she is on Veritaserum?
  24. Did Audrey believe Harry when he saw Mr Weasley be attacked by the snake?
  25. How does Audrey do with Occlumency?
  26. How did Draco apologize to Audrey during patrol?
  27. When did Draco say he knew Audrey was "faking it" with the Slytherins and Umbridge?
  28. Who kissed whom first?
  29. One day Theodore wouldn't let Draco take Audrey on patrol, why was this?
  30. How does Daphne become friends with Audrey again?
  31. Audrey pulls a prank that makes words be written on her enemies faces in boils, much like Hermione did to Marietta Edgecombe. Who was not affected by this?
  32. Why does Audrey think she failed her Defense Against the Dark Arts OWL?
  33. What is the name of the Thestral that Audrey rode to the Ministry?
  34. Did the Prophecy change from the original to specifically mention Audrey in any way?
  35. What did Audrey do that made Lord Voldemort so angry?
  36. What was the name of the Death Eater who died?
  37. What happened when Audrey got too close to the veil?
  38. How did Audrey help defeat Voldemort?
  39. What was the big twist of the Department of Mysteries scene?
  40. Who did Audrey think looked terrified upon hearing of her role in the Death at the Department of Mysteries?
  41. What did Audrey find out about the night her parents died?
  42. What happened when Audrey tried to take Umbridge's locket?
  43. What kind of flowers did Draco give her and wilt when they broke up?

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