The Stupid Quiz

Are you stupid enough? Are you bored? Looking for fun? Taken the impossible quiz? Do you want the title of the Stupidest? Then take the quiz now! It's not important if you are intelligent or not, all that matters is your stupidity!

YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!! A few things you need to know: You will waste ten minutes of you life playing this quiz. You will have fun. You will be able to say that you have taken The Stupid Quiz and can brag to all your friends!

Created by: Luke

  1. In some countries, a woman is allowed to divorce her husband only if he doesnt provide her with...
  2. Scuba divers can't fart 33 feet below water.
  3. Barbie...
  4. The Mona Lisa...
  5. Is this quiz good
  6. Which is better
  7. How steals sugar from a lorry and tries to sell it
  8. It is illegal to kiss someone on a train in France
  9. Which is best
  10. etuc eruoy
  11. A train crashes between 2 countries England and Wales. Where do they bury the survivors
  12. 2+2
  13. a equals b b equals a click on answer b
  14. Is this the worst quiz ever
  15. which is correct
  16. Knock knock
  17. Are you going to get the next question correct
  18. Whats the answer
  19. Most toilets flush in E flat
  20. You use the toilet 2500 times a year
  21. You use the toilet 3500 times a year
  22. Aye Carumba
  23. What is the purpose of this quiz

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