How stupid are you?????

Hey wat it do everyone... Well this quiz your about to take is to test how stupid you are... And if you get less than a 70 go get help CAUSE YOUR STUPID!!!!!!Well thank you for letting me tell you about my quiz.SO BYE!!!!

My quiz is to see how stupid you are. And well im not stupid at all.And if your a true genius you will get higher than an 80. So hurry up and take my quiz to review your results.. Thank you for listening!!!!

Created by: haley
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. If a cop was driving by you and wanted you to pull over would you or would you not?
  2. if your mom said to jump on her car would you??
  3. if you had to be married for 1 day who would you pick???
  4. if you had to kiss someone where would you kiss them???
  5. if you kissed your opposite gender how long would you kiss them???
  6. if you had to pick out of 6 pieces of candy wat would you pick????
  7. if you had to live in one state which one would you pick???
  8. How many boyfriends or girlfriends have you had in your life???
  9. if you were to go on a vacation which would you pick??
  10. If you could play a game wat would it be???

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Quiz topic: How stupid am I?????