How dumb R U, Mediocre,Kinda or STUPID

Ha Ha Ha your friends will laugh like hyinas while taking this quiz!!! Have fun stay quiet while the teachers in the room. OK he's gone HA!Ha!Ha!Wait he is back!!! Nope Got yah. HA HA Sucka.!!! Now this thing has to be 150 letters long so here it goes. Ha hA ha Mwah ha ha ha

Are you Mediocre,Stupid or Kinda Stupid. Stupidity can be good or bad. It depends on whether you are with a best friend, worst enemy, mean teacher of nice person. It all depends. Are you Stupid is equivilent to asking "Does 4+4=7" in my world it is "Yes".

Created by: Taylor
  1. Which came first???
  2. If you where a bird migrating to the ________ where would you land for a rest?? Now this is a tricky one the first anwer goes in the blank and the second is the answer to the complete question.
  3. How many fingers am I holding up???
  4. If you are 8 and your sister is nine how many years apart are you???
  5. Will Jamie Lynn Spears and the elleged Daddy of her unboorn child SPLIT??
  6. I hate Pasta. Fact or opinion?
  7. Moo? What is your favorite letter in Moo?
  8. Milk: Warm or kold??
  9. Lol means???
  10. Mojo Jojo is an

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