Magical Love _Part 1_

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Hello, welcome to my first SUCCESSFUL quiz. It is amazing that you have tooken this instead of all the other ones. I love you all MWAH MWAH MWAH MWAH

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Created by: Zaney_Robot_Tiger

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  1. You are sitting at your table in class, when 4 HAWT guys walk in, Mrs. Samaratoni directed them towards the table you sit at alone. Boy1 has ocean blue hair, purplish blue eyes, and a red and black sweatshirt on. Boy2 has fiery red hair and icy blue eyes, with scratches and bruises all over his arms that his BVB tank-top expose. Boy3 has pink hair and brown eyes. Boy4 has blonde hair and blue eyes.
  2. Boy1 sits next to you, as does boy3. Boy2 sits across from you, with boy4 sitting next to him. A girl shows up and sits inbetween those two. "Hi, sorry I'm late guys.." She rubbed her arm awkwardly. "Oh! Uh! Hi! I'm Carolyna!" she added as she realized you were there. "Y-Y/N.." You said. Boy1 smiled "Hi! I'm Anthony, and this is Hayden, Ian, and Alec." You giggled "Are you and Ian smosh or something?" Ian raised an eyebrow "Smosh? What's that?" Carolyna giggled. "A youtube channel with a guy named Anthony and another named Ian." She fistbumped you. You bumped back. The boys smiled. "Ya know, I used to know a guy named Alec before," You said breaking the awkward smiley silence. "Cheated on me with the chick who helped kill my parents." Anthony hugged you, "Well THIS Alec would never do that" He stared at somebody you had been talking to before. "Who's that?" You hesitated.. "H-Him" You managed to get out. Anthony hugged you again. "Poor kid."
  3. You smile softly. Alec mumbles something, "What was that Alec?" Carolyna asked. "Uh.. Uh.. NOTHING!" He blushed. "Ooo, somebody's got the hots for Y/N!" You blushed looking away, bumping into Hayden. "Dang it!" You heard your favorite song come on. "OH MY GOD! I LOVE THIS SONG!" You said. "OMG ME TOO!" Carolyna squealed. Hayden whispered to her. "Guys!" You whined. "TELL ME WHAT ALL THE SECRETS ARE ABOUUUUTTTTT!!!!!!!!" Alec chuckled, as did Ian. Anthony glared at those two. "GUYS! SHUT UP!" He raised his voice as your crush Mason walked over. "s---!" You whisper-yelled. You did whatever came to your mind first, which was kissing Hayden.He blushed furiously, as did you. "I-I'm-" Ian cut you off, him and Alec burst out laughing. "GUYS! SHUT UP!" Anthony screamed again. Carolyna pinched Ian and Alec, they stopped laughing. You got up ready to go to your next class. "Let me see your schedules" You said, Alec handed you his first. You two had math and history together. *timeskip* You and Anthony had art and english together. You and Ian had music together, you and Hayden had art with Anthony (XD) and Music with Ian.
  4. *TIME SKIP TO MATH, ALEC'S POV* I sat next to Y/N, I randomly hugged her. "Uhh, what was that for Alec?" I chuckled "Cause you're cute!" I poked her nose. She smiled at me and hugged back. The teacher, Mr. Gabe, saw and glared. "Alec and Y/N get to the front of the class." He stated.
  5. *YOUR POV* Mr. Gabe smiled and said "Good job! Now everyone ships you! OTP!" You giggled. "O-OTP.." Alec smirked at your fail "OTP! OTP! OTP!" He began chanting
  6. *time skip to after all the classes* You sat by your locker, crying, when Ian came up. "What's wrong Y/N?" "I.. I don't know.." You cried harder, he hugged you, trying to calm you down. "H-hey! Calm down!" You heard Anthony's voice and then another pair of arms wrapped around you, then another, then another, then another, and another. "I.. I was getting bullied for singing in Music class, I don't know why..." You heard Mason's voice next to your ear "OH f--- NO!" He screamed before running off.
  7. Carolyna hugged you tightly, before sitting next to you. "If you need anyone to talk to, come to us. We've all been through it."
  9. FATE!
  10. fate

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