Heartaches and mistakes of a normal girl 2

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So that is the end of part 2!!!!!! If you want it to be magical tell me in comments, I hope you liked it!

So that is the end of part 2!!!!!! If you want it to be magical tell me in comments, I hope you liked it!

Created by: HELLO
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  1. I walked into my first class with Stella, we were late but the teacher wasn’t there yet. Lucky right! There were only two seats open and they weren’t next to each other. One was next to a curly orange haired nerd and the other was next to a sparkly pink girl with gold earrings. “I am taking the nerd, no way is I sitting next to her” I whispered to Stella. She nodded and made her way over to the girl; Stella is good at making friends. I slid into my sit beside the nerd, which is a guy. I knew him; I can’t remember his name though. He plays chess at lunch and likes shiny things. He is kind of weird, well I wouldn’t say weird...just different
  2. The guy turned his head and looked at me. I could see it out of the corner of my eye; I turned and looked at him. Very pale skin with a huge red zit between his eyes, big hazel eyes and big dorky brown glasses that he pushed back up his nose. I really couldn’t care less about the zit, I use to have them but he had a huge snot bubble. He looked at it and popped it, in case it came my way I ducked under the desk. It flew over to a normal girl, “Yuck” she cried and ran out. Close call. Just as she ran out the teacher walked in. I had never seen her before, long black hair that was in a bob with green eyes. She looked no older than us; everyone was trying to work out her age. I guessed in her twenties.
  3. “Okay I am Miss Jules; I will be your teacher. Any questions” She asked, she looked at everyone. Most of the class had their hands up. She picked the sparkly girl beside Stella, “How old are you, oh I am Clare by the way” Clare had long auburn hair, I could see her eyes from behind but I think they are blue. Miss Jules sightly smiled “27, anyone else” she asked the class. Most hands went down, so I put mine up. She picked me, oh great. “How long are you here for” I ask, I don’t care if she knows my name or not. “A term,” she answered, at least she didn’t ask my name. “What’s your name” She asks, oh great I just had to jinx it! “Spark” I tell her, before she can say anything Clare buts in. “It’s really Sparkle but she is not a girly girl so they call her Spark” Miss Jules nodded, she smiled at me. “Okay let’s start the lesson” She said and stared talking. I really should have people call me Bob or something.
  4. The bell rang, its lunch yes. The only reason I like lunch is because we take a break and eat. I sat down at my normal table near the window in the back corner. “Hey Spark,” Stella said sitting down in front of me. “You could have waited for me, you know” She told me but stared eating her salad, Stella and I are so different. I am eating chicken sandwich and she is eating salad. No one would have guessed that we are best friends. She just isn’t the type of person who is friends with people like me. She is really fit, while I am not. But we are both skinny, I do all the wrong things and she does all the right. The only reason I am heavier than her is because I am taller.
  5. “Hey Spark and Stell” Jay said, Stella got up and sat next to me. So he could sit next to Ashley. “Hey” We both said, he sat down in front of me. Ashley seemed pleased that he wasn’t near Stella. Ashley had a rap and Jay had pasta. I wanted to swap with him, to think about it we are a really healthy group. “Jay, I am going to sit with my friends” Ashley told him and gave him a quick kiss. "Bye" We all said
  6. “Yes” Stella mumbled no low enough because Jay herd something. “What” He asked, Stella panicked “um nothing. I said aw because I wanted to spend time with her” Stella made up. Beside from panicking she went well. “Aw its great you guys get along, it would be so weird if you didn’t” Jay told us and laughed. Stella and I faked a laugh “Yeah” she said but inside we were thinking how stupid he is. I wonder if he knows we don’t like each other but doesn’t want to say anything so we still “get along”.
  7. “So Spark, how is your dad” Jay asks me, I know what he is talking about. My mother died when I was young, I don’t even remember her much. So my dad has to make all the money, I told you I wasn’t rich. I got very good grades to get here. “He is good” I told Jay, I really didn’t know how he is. I’ll ask him when I get home.
  8. I remember how she died, it’s a bit fuzzy but I remember asking my dad. I was three ~ “Daddy,” I asked looking up at him. His eyes were glossy; he is trying not to cry. We were looking up at the sunset. “Where is mommy” I asked, he looked down into my eyes. He squeezed my hand tightly, it hurt but I wasn’t going to tell him. His aqua eyes looked into mine, “Mommy isn’t coming back. She is up in heaven” He told me letting a tear escape his eye. He bent down on both knees and hugged me; his head looked down at the ground. I hugged him and looked up at the sky that was a faded blue with orange and pink. Mum’s three favourite colours~ “Hey Spark,” Stella said snapping me out of my thoughts. I looked up at her, “you spaced out again” she tells me. I sightly smile, “Come on lets go outside” I told her and Jay. We walked outside into the cool air. Sometimes it’s best to forget the past....
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