Biology Review 2

Welcome to my makeshift quiz for Exam 2! I hope you like it! If you do, tell me! It's pretty hard. I swear. I hope it helps...: ) I didn't have time to do all of the questions I wanted to...

Good Luck! I hope this helps everyone. I have to fill this space up, says the people that are letting me make this quiz. So here I am, rambling away, and there you are reading, while you could just be taking the darned thing already...

Created by: Nicole

  1. The two functions of arteries:
  2. The lumen is:
  3. The skeletal system comprises three types of connective tissue:
  4. Osteoclasts are:
  5. The four types of bones are:
  6. Choose the correct order of bones in order from head to toe:
  7. The vertebral column shields:
  8. Fibrous joints are:
  9. Bursae and tendinitis refer to:
  10. The Adductor Longus:
  11. The contraction of an entire skeletal muscle depends on the simultaneous shortening of tiny __________ in its cells.
  12. Isotonic contractions occur whenever a muscle _______ while maintaining a constant force.
  13. How much tension is generated by a muscle depends on three factors:
  14. According to the all-or-none principle, muscle cells are completely under the control of:
  15. Three stages of the stimulus-twitch relationship:
  16. True or False: Smooth muscle is partially contracted all the time.
  17. Waste products in plasma include carbon dioxide, urea and
  18. Hemoglobin that has given up its oxygen is called
  19. A bruise slowly changes color as it heals. You have observed the chemical breakdown of the _____ groups to _______ at the site of damage.
  20. Eosinophils have two important functions: To defend the body against large parasites and releasing __________ that moderate the severity of allergic reactions
  21. The thymus gland is located in:

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