How stupid are you quiz?

What is stupid? Do you think you are stupid? Ever had an embarrassing run in with friends when they look at you like you're stupid? Are you stupid or is it really them?

Until now all you could do is wonder whether you were stupid or not, take this quiz and find out what you really are! After you have done it why not get your friends to try it and compare results, you never know they might be more stupid than you!

Created by: Rosy
  1. Generally when you say things to your "friends" they look at you and:
  2. When you are day dreaming you think:
  3. Your reasons for doing this quiz are:
  4. Sum 41 is a:
  5. Obfuscate means:
  6. People think I am:
  7. I am:
  8. I am able to adapt well to new technology: true/false
  9. I love to read books and I can read really well?
  10. I am greatful for life:

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Quiz topic: How stupid am I quiz?