Logic Quiz (Philosophy)

A simple logic quiz on reasoning using multiple questions. As we all know, I am typing useless gibberish to bypass the stupid ** character **. Anyway...it's great that i have to say something to make the quiz

The result is usually biased. As we all know, I am typing useless gibberish to bypass the stupid *** charisma *****. Anyway...this is very annoying and painful for me stupid ok random words here I go i know this is stupid.

Created by: Vegeance

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  1. ''It is raining currently, therefore the ground is wet''
  2. ''This sentence is false''
  3. ''She just wants attention so that's why she said what she said''
  4. ''There are 20 books on the top-shelf of the bookcase, and 16 on the lower shelf of the bookcase. There are no books anywhere else in my bookcase. Therefore, there are 36 books in the bookcase.''
  5. ''Some Bobs are Dobs, all dobs are mobs, some mobs are bobs''
  6. The members of the Williams family are Sem, Jem and Rem. Sem wears glasses. Jem is tall as Sem and wears glasses. Rem is smaller than Sem and wears glasses.
  7. ''Some X are Y, therefore some Y are X''
  8. ''It has snowed in Canada every December in recorded history.'' ''Therefore, it will snow in Canada this coming December.''
  9. ''History repeats itself''
  10. ''I see P, therefore P exists''
  11. ''All odd numbers are integers. All even numbers are integers. Therefore, all odd numbers are even numbers.''
  12. ''X is popular, therefore X is right''

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