Seraph's Logic Test

I decided to test the intelligence of the population of the internet, mainly RI. I hope you enjoy/had fun doing this! This is a test of things I know, and things I have discovered. I hope you find some insight here!

Are you as intelligent as you think you are? Are you as smart as I think? Let us find out! Take this quiz now, and step into a world of logic, mystery, and intrigue. Have fun!!

Created by: Jordan

  1. Let's start this off easy. It takes four men four days to dig four holes. Now, knowing this, how long does it take one man to dig half of a hole?
  2. Which of these is not a jellyfish?
  3. What economic theory promotes a mixed economy, where state and private sector play a crucial role?
  4. Which word is synonymous with greed?
  5. What shape does 4Cos(Theta) make on a polar coordinate plane, and at what angle does its point equal 4?
  6. Why are there lead traces found in many of our modern uranium deposits?
  7. What was Al Capone's most infamous endeavor?
  8. What good are aborted babies?
  9. What was the most infamous scandal of the following?
  10. Was this quiz well made, or more so than the Duckbear one?

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