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Random minds are great. They are funny and cheery. Logic is smartness. They are basic and successful. Randomness is a great thing to test. Logic is an awful thing to try testing.

Are you able to master this kind of random stuff? It takes a random mind for this! Test it here. Test it here. Take a chance at being utterly strange and/or logical!

Created by: Quan

  1. What does "new and improved" really mean...?
  2. What is the difference between a monkey and an ape?!
  3. 11 / 2 = ?
  4. Burt lost 2 marbles. He has 35 left in his pocket. No more marbles except for the 35 he has in his pocket. How many does Bert have in his pocket?
  5. 2 wires. 2 volts each wire when powered. How many volts in a collection of 6 pieces of 2-volt wires?
  6. (7 + 7 + 7) = (21 x 1) Right?
  7. End of the world... Everyone knows it's the beginning of darkness, though you can reverse the first of bright... what is it..?
  8. What question is this?
  9. Is there a difference?: The paranoid diners' manager freaked out at the raw burgers under his butt; The paranoid diners' manager freaked out at the raw burgers under his butt.
  10. The answer is BIG.

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