How Wacky Are You Fashion Wise?

People may often say that someone is wacky...maybe even you yourself. This is infact a lie. People aren't weird and wacky but it is generally is your fashion sense that makes people think your wacky.

If you really want to know how wacky you really are I can tell you in this short quiz if you still decide to take it. The choice is yours. But be prepared for the answer you get. They aren't all fun and games!

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  1. Is your hair often seen with either of the following: Contasting colours 'Interesting' style?
  2. Do you wear skinny jeans or flares?
  3. Do you put fake haor colour strips in your hair?
  4. Do you put bright eyeliner colours on or just normal black, grey and brown?
  5. Do you wear half of your hair up and and the other half down?
  6. How many other different colours are in your hair at this very moment in time?
  7. Do you colour-coordinated look or whatever is on your bedroom floor when you wake up?
  8. Do you tell your haidresser to 'Just make it look nice and that' or do you specifaclly tell them how you want it?
  9. Is it funny to see other people expressing their own fashion style in the middle of the streeet so they look like a complete idiot?
  10. LAST QUESTION! Did you like the quiz or not? It doesn't affect your answer. Just wanna know if I should make more

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Quiz topic: How Wacky am I Fashion Wise?