The Spanking Game

So I set this game up as a quiz. Now that you've started you must take everything it asks you to take. You can play it with one person getting it all and one giving it. There are 15 scenarios, if ur having a party. It's more meant for a party.

Or you can play it this way: Everyone sits in a circle and passes the quiz clockwise. When you get the quiz you must take what it says from the person on your right. FYI if I don't specify, the default is clothed over the knee with a hand

Created by: CourtlyBushyAnaconda

  1. Lay down on the spanker's lap and take three spanks across the seat of your pants
  2. Remove ur pants, (leave undies on) and get five spanks in the position the spanker chooses
  3. Find and implement and get spanked twice
  4. Take four spanks bare
  5. Have someone wedgie you until you beg for mercy, then give you 8 spanks
  6. See how many spanks it takes until you cry.
  7. Surprise! Have your would-be spanker bend over YOUR knee and give them ten spanks bare
  8. Take an implement to your bum 14 times
  9. Diaper position bare, 5 swats
  10. Go into a public place and take 14 spanks
  11. Compare bottom color. (If by yourself compare the color of each cheek). Whoever's bottom is reddest gives everyone 30 spanks.
  12. 23 spanks bare
  13. Touch ur toes, get 16 bare with an implement (paddle preferred.)
  14. Let everyone playing who is also wearing glasses give you four spanks
  15. Don't show anyone this question! Here's some nonsense to give you a chance to hide it... Unicorn potato Yessica livestock broadest seventeen banana babies pale homecoming freight car Pokemon gaggle goggle google geese homework thrush juice quail lead fresh fish hippopotamus whiskers Vietnam boots bounty dogsledHidden? Good. Look at everyone playing the game. If they are sitting down right now. Make a mental note of who they are. Then, somewhat randomly, tell them to separate into two groups. "Jimmy (Standing person), go to my left, Hope (sitting person), go to my right, Sarah (sitting) go to my right..." etc. Now take 1 spanking from everyone on the standing side, and give 3 spankings to everyone on the sitting side, either with a cane, switch, something that is incredibly painful. Take yours standing with clothes, but give them bare and make them touch their toes.

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