Which Mario Party Is Right For You?

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Do you know the Mario Party series? Well, if you do, come here to see if I could guess your favorite? If you haven't played the series, come here to see which game you liked best!

I hope you enjoy this quiz, leave a comment telling me what you think about the answer you got. Is it at least one of your top 3? I hope it is.

Created by: Kooleo2000

  1. Which system is your favorite?
  2. Which type of mini game is your favorite?
  3. Which character is your least favorite out of the following?
  4. Which character is your favorite out of the following?
  5. How much do you hate bad graphics?
  6. Which game sounds most fun (Do this for questions 8 - 13)
  7. #9
  8. #10
  9. #11
  10. #12
  11. #13
  12. How do you like obtaining mini games?
  13. Which type of board is your favorite?
  14. What is the perfect amount of characters in a Mario party game?
  15. Do you like to have to unlock a lot of stuff?
  16. To you mostly enjoy games from before 2006 or do you mostly enjoy games from 2006 and higher?
  17. Handheld or on the TV
  18. What do you hope you will get?

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