How well do you know Mario?

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You are about to take a quiz that will test you're knowlage of the Mario world. I hope you will like it. There are 10 semi-challanging questions. Good luck.

You can become a Mario master if you take this quiz or you will be a sewer--dweller. The quiz will touch your iner-gamer. If you get stumped, take your best guess.

Created by: Tim

  1. What is Mario's brother?
  2. How many coins can you get maximum?
  3. What is Bowser's airship called?
  4. What are the moles that through wrenches called?
  5. What are the first enemy that you face?
  6. What is the leaf power-up called?
  7. How many lifes can you have maximum?
  8. How many worlds are there?
  9. How many spikes does Bowser have on his tail?
  10. What is the name of Yoshi's girlfriend?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Mario?