The Sky Was Never Gray part 2

Okay this is part TWO of my quiz series hope you guys like it. (I forgot to put the 2 lol I'm stupid) Sorry if you think it's boring. Alex doesn't really do much in this....Sorry 'bout that....

Okay so I tried to fix the problems and stuff give me feedback on what I did wrong and stuff because I'm not really confident in my writing so yeah......

Created by: Ashes_Fall

  1. As the world spins round and round you feel yourself lose control. You try to hang to the things you love but they're slowly ripped away from
  2. I can feel my head pounding harder and harder. I feel like my heads going to burst. Just when I think I can't take it anymore, I find the strength to open my eyes. As I open my eyes I'm blinded by the sun. I close them once again from the pain. I can feel the blades of grass on my fingertips. I feel the sun hitting my body through my t-shirt and shorts. I couldn't remember the last time I just soaked in the sun. It felt nice...until the pain returned. A cloud moved in front of the sun creating enough shade so I could open my eyes without going blind. I open my eyes and drag my feet to my chest. As I breathe slowly in and out trying to figure out what's going on. I look around and see the grass as green as well....grass. I see trees every few feet away. All I can see is trees and grass. Lucky for me I like this sort of stuff. I get up to see if I can see anything better. As I get up the pain quickly returns but this time in my chest. I fight it and start to walk.
  3. I can feel the hard ground underneath my shoes. I can feel myself swaying back and forth from being out so long. I felt so dizzy and unstable. It was hard to keep my balance. I can feel a small breeze on my face or at least I think it was small...My feelings and senses have numbed quite a bit since me waking up. I walk a few more feet until...all of a sudden I froze in path I couldn't feel my fingertips, my toes, my entire body went completely numb. I felt so dizzy it was making me nauseous. I saw a quick flash of light and boom I feel myself hit the ground....hard. I don't really know how long it had been nor did I really care... I open my eyes once again...da sha vu' huh? I open my eyes and see the tall blades of grass in front of my eyes. Once again I get up fight my pain and walk again. I don't get very far until I feel like I need to rest. I don't really know where I am so I decide to climb a tree and rest there.
  4. I get to the tippy top of the tree. I rest my back up against the main trunk. I rest for a little while maybe about 10 minutes when I feel little drops of water on my arm. I look down at my arm just as another falls on my leg. I look up at the sky to see the grayish clouds forming above. I always loved rain especially thunderstorms... As the rain starts to come down harder and harder, I stand up. 'Big mistake Alex' I tell myself. I try to grab some braches to balance myself on the slippery bark. The braches weren't exactly holding my weight. The branches were actually more like trigs in the rain. As the last one breaks I prepare myself for the impact I land on my feet but fall back on my butt. I try to get but I soon realize that there's a huge cut on my leg that's bleeding badly...
  5. I force myself to get up and I find some better shelter to weather this storm. I turn around to see my surroundings. By know the sky has darkened severely and a full blow thunderstorm is in progress. I can barely see my hand in front of my face let alone my surroundings. As I turn to start walking I have an uneasy feeling about this...sort of like before in the classroom. I turn around to look behind me just as the lightning flashes lighting up the face of a man dressed in black standing no more than 5 feet from me. A bolt of adrenaline shots through my body and I start to sprint. I can barely feel my legs and face as they're getting hammered by the big drops of rain. All I can think about is "get away get away" Just as I think I've left him behind. I feel someone tackle me HARD to the ground. I can tell my shoulder was dislocated at that moment. I start to scream as if hanging on or praying that someone will hear me in this deep darkness. I feel the persons hand over my mouth but I still scream even though it's muffled now. I feel the person stick something sharp in my neck. 'A needle' I think to myself. I feel the substance pouring into my veins weakening me with every drop that's pushed in to my body.
  6. I can feel the liquid being pushed into my veins and pumped throughout my body. The substance was in my blood stream...I could feel it working against me. I could feel it working in my body. My mouth was getting dry, I could feel my body numbing, and my eyes blurring. I felt the guys grip loosen but I was too weak to do anything. I felt the guys lips press up against my ear as he whispered "shhhh Alexzandra just give in, give in, go to sleep" his voice sent shivers down my spine and made knots form in my head. His words echoed through my head 'Give in, give in, give in' I did...
  7. Okay I'm gonna end it there. I tried to make it longer like you guys suggested. I tried to fix my spelling/grammar. I also tried to make it a little less confusing sorry if you were :c
  8. Comment/Rate please and thank you and thanks for all the support guys c:
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