The Sky Was Never Gray

Okay this is my first quiz and im kinda scared people might not like it. If you could comment on why it was good/bad or anything i could really use the feedback. Please and Thank You

Okay this is my firt time at this and i need help with this. If you could please help me with this i would really appricate it. Please and Thank You!

Created by: Ashes_Fall

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  1. Life it seems will fade away drifting further everyday, getting lost within myself nothing matters no one else. I have lost the will to live simply nothing more to give. I'm so sick of when they say "it's just a phase you'll be okay," but i know its a lie...
  2. Alex, Alexzandra, Zanda, Dark, Fallen, All names. All mine. My real name is Alexzandra Falen (foul-in) Hunter. I know odd name right? but oh well. People call me dark.....I guess i can be dark...when i want to be at just aggravates me when people say "i know how you feel," HOW CAN THEY POSSIBLE KNOW?!?!?!? i mean i myself dont even know how i feel or understand whats going on so how can "THEY" know?!?!
  3. Anyway i'm a sophmore in High School. It doesnt matter what school cause i plan on "The Release" soon...The Release aka Suicide... So yeah it really doesnt matter at all. I mean it's not like im afraid of death or anything....
  4. Okay well lets go to reality othe reality that is slowly slipping through my fingers...I slowly pull into a parking space at school. I get out of my FORD Truck and at my abnormally slow pace climb the stairs to my temporary prison. As i reach the top i feel two strong arms around my waist and fling me up into the air. As im airborn the only thing going through my mind is '-.- Sam' When i fainally replant myself on the concrete i turn and see Sam and his smirk. "Nice Sam real nice," Sam is my best friend, i've known him since i was 3. Im older than him by 5 days which angers him EVER SO MUCH!
  5. "So whats up Zanda?" Sam says as he puts him arm around me. No me and Sam arent dating even though people say we would 'make the cutest couple!!!' you guys disagree though. "Unless you wanna hear about my crappy life...nothing. You?" "Nothing" he says. "Well this was a very stimulating convo but i gotta go to class," you say with a smirk as you start to walk away, you here him say as youre walking "Huh! you never struck me as a 'School Person'!" i yell beack "THINGS CAN CHANGE," even though i never had changed, ive just had a phobea of being late....
  6. As i step in to my first class a strong smell of Lysol and Clorax floods into my nose and mouth. My Teacher calls my name and says "Alexzandra" can you please go get me a water and diet coke from the teachers lounge as she hands me a 10$ bill. My teachers dop this to me all the time, i dont mind i get to miss class. Its just that they trust me enough to actually and know i'll be coming back. All my teachers think im this 'Good Kid' too bad they dont actually know who i really am...
  7. I walk out just as the halls are clearing out. I walk down the now deserted halways. I glide my fingers on the lockers. THose nice dark blue lockers....My fingers tounch the plastic ties on the closed lockers that used to belong to people who've moved know.....died....willingly...
  8. I get to the teacehers lounge and my teachers drinks i walk back in to my class and hand my teacher the change and items. I go to sit in my seat. I start to listen in boredom. I can feel that somethings off...somethings not right...I turn my head so look at the window when it shaders i hear the screams of the preppy girls in the back. Smoke fills the room i can hear the scereams from other rooms as well. The smoke was so thick i could barley nsee let alone breathe. The last thing i wanted to do was panick. All that was going through my mind was "get out get out keep breathing keep breathing!' Everything was choas. I ciuldnt breathe the thick smoke any longer...I layed in the ground and thought 'this who i'll go i guess....' As i turn to look out the window once more i see people coming through. Some ran to the door and to the hallway...My vision was blurry and the las t thing i remeber seeing is a blurry figure running towards me...*blackout*
  9. Okay sorry about the cliffhanger but have to save some parts right? Okay this is my first quiz...Please give me feed back if i should continue this quiz please and thank you :)
  10. Sorry about grammer and spelling im a fast typer...Please rate and comment Thanks!

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