Danger! Love ahead!

Yeah....... Your a teen beginning high school, in a new state, new peoplez. Except your best bud, Matt. 3 guys there may be, 3 guys you may seek... (sorry I'm tryin to sound creepy there XD)

You have silky dark brunnete hair, and green eyes with gold flecks. Matt has shaggy light blonde hair and gray eyes. Jake has short black hair and gray eyes. And Drew has short brown hair and chocolate brown eyes.

Created by: Birdsong234
  1. 6:00am. An annoying version of jingle bells blasts out of your alarm clock, jolting you awake. Smacking the off button, you groan and slide out of bed. Grabbing (favorite outfit), you walk into your bathroom and shut the door. You turn the shower on and grabbed a towel, stepping into the welcoming warm water.
  2. Here's an explanation. Your a 16 year old in tenth grade. You used to live in California, but now you moved to Georgia because of your fathers job, along with your best friend, Matt. You hair is a deep silky shiny brunnete with the ends dyed a fiery red. Your eyes are a forest green, with tiny gold flecks. Oh yeah! I almost forgot. Your name is Jennifer. Today is your first day of highschool at your new school. You hate mornings. You have a nice mom and dad, not to strict, but still caring parents. Your not rich, but not poor. So kinda more towards rich. Its also early November.
  3. Stepping out of the bathroom, feeling more awake, you put your usual makeup on. Some eyeliner, mascara, a little bit of lipstick, and some eyeshadow. You put on mediumish gold hoop earrings, and some multistrand bracelets. Stepping out of your room you smelled bacon and pancakes cooking. Looking in the kitchen you saw your best friend since birth, Matt, sitting at your island. (in case you didn't know an island is a tall square table with tall stools.) Coming up behind him, you put your hands over his eyes and said, "Any guesses?" Before Matt could say anything you said, "Nope, to late." Grabbing a plate of food, you pulled up a chair next to him. "Nervous?" he asked, grinning at you. Nodding, you started eating. You guys finished up, said goodbye to your mom, grabbed your backpacks, and headed out the door to wait for the bus. Thankfully you remembered your jacket, because you could feel the beginnings of winter. Matt could see you hunched over, trying to stay warm. So he wrapped his arm around you. You smiled up at him, comfortable. It was normal for him to do this for you, he wasn't shy around you and your family at all. But it was another story with other new people. The bus pulled up and you and Matt began your crazy adventure called highschool.
  4. Stepping onto the bus, you looked around at all the kids. They stared back at you. Leading Matt, you made your way to a seat near the back. Before you got there, you felt someone smack your butt. Whipping around you saw a guy with short black hair and gray eyes grinning flirtatiously at you. "Hey sexy." he said, leaning back and putting his hands behind his head. Matt put his arm around your shoulder and glared at him, leading you to the seat.
  5. Glancing around again you looked at everyone. Your eyes came to a stop at a group of laughing kids. "Popular group" you thought to yourself. Then you spotted one of the kids not laughing. He had short brown hair, brown eyes, and glasses that looked sexy on him. He noticed you, and smiled. He had a wonderful smile. "Jennifer? Jen!" Matt poked you. "Oh sorry, what?" you said looking back to Matt.
  6. "You were staring." he said smiling. The bus lady yelled out, "Pineview High, get out." you snickered. She didn't sound very nice. You and Matt got up and followed the stream of people exiting the bus. Shivering, you and him walked to the office. The secretary, a nice lady called Ms. Falner, smiled and handed you a map of the school and your schedules. You were relieved when you found out that you had all of your classes with Matt. First class was science. Mr. Brown, your science teacher was a (pardon me) overweight man, with greasy hair, you know, that kind of teacher O_O You leaned your head on your hand, listening to the man drone on about energy and gravity. Then you felt something hit your head. You turned your head and saw a girl with fiery red hair, brown eyes, and a goofy smile. The thing that hit you in the head was a note, so you read it. "Hi! You must be new here. I'm Alissa." You smiled at her and wrote back, "Jennifer. And yes I'm new here. I like your hair, is it natural or did you dye it?" You tossed it back to her. Quickly writing something, she dropped it on the floor and kicked it your way. Picking it up, you started reading it but before you read anything, Mr. Brown shouted, "Miss Jennifer! Passing notes is forbidden in class! (then the dreaded word,) DETENTION!" you frowned, and shuffled out of the room. Opening the door you glanced back at Alissa. She had an apologetic look on her face. You smiled at her to let her know it was okay, and left the room.
  7. Staring at the door that had seemed so friendly this morning, you opened the door and entered the principals office....
  8. Cliffhanger! Sorry. I just got really bored and decided to make a love quiz that didn't have magic in it! Just school drama ;)
  9. Well, I may do more. Give me suggestions about what to do in the next quiz! Or what new character you may want.
  10. Favorite color? Oh and by the way it counts for the boy :)

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