Smokey Night (part 1)

Your name is Exodus shale Porter you have black hair with neon purple blue green and pink streaks and spider bites. You just moved to Colorado springs, CO from Manitou Springs. You live with your brother Roland till three boys take you to there house. [no nothing bad happens to you] You moved because you kept feeling like you were being watch and had been taken the same way buy a different group of guys.

This story is one with magic and powers but i couldn't think of anything other than that so deal please. And have fun with it. All these results and the names and descriptions came out of my head.

Created by: xforgetXmex

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  1. It's the first day of school and guess who wakes up late? you! as you rush to get dressed and grab your bag you feel someone watching you. After closing you maroon curtains and all your doors it's still there what do you do?
  2. You get to school surprisingly in time for your first class. As you walk in to the class room you see three SUPER hot guys sitting in the back of the room and sense the teachers not in the room and there's an empty seat next to the hottest on (Darik; black swoopy emo hair and stunning sapphire blue eyes with a hint of purple) you sit next to him.
  3. When you sit next to him he passes you A note that says I know your secret. But don't worry its safe with me. Whats your reaction.
  4. Finally class is over and its academy time ( a free 40 or so min period) as you gather your things and head to the lunch room Darik and his friends Ryan (brown emo hair; piercing green eyes) and Jack (Black hair with red steaks; brown eyes)come up to you.
  5. The first person to speak is Ryan he introduces him self and his friends then ask you for your name. but before you can answer Darik answers for you.
  6. Out of know where Jack picks you up and then poof you him Ryan and Darik are gone. Your thoughts?
  7. You fell asleep while traveling to Darik's house. Instead of waking you up they let you sleep. When you finally wake up you in an extreamly comfy bed but it's not yours.
  8. You wake up and see Jack and Darik staring at you. you freak out. then Darik kisses you and you forget everything. When he pulls away jack says to you "will you listen and shut up?" you nod slightly because your still fuzzy inside from Darik's kiss.
  9. you get out of bed and notice that your in pajamas. You wonder how that happened and hope nothing happened before that. Jack and Darik show you to the living room were Ryan is waiting with what looks like a 10 year old boy. Before you get to the living room Darik appologizes for Jack's behavior
  10. When you finally get to the living room Ryan tells you that the boy is named Eric and is his little brother. then he tells you that you have special powers. and that you Darik and jack are the only pixies left. you faint. Who do you hope catches you?
  11. Who ever you chose catches you and wakes you up with a kiss. the Ryan says well we have Some Training to do boys. lets go...
  12. Ok yes that was a cliffhanger don't get mad and throw Rabid dinosaurs at me but will you comment and rate? It's my first quiz. none of these answer count.

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