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  • I agree with you Ardeo9999. I don't think suicide is a good thing and you should be greatful for life. Because there are people who have worse problems then you or me. And they don't do suicide. Because life is a gift from Jesus and God. Sorry I read your comment and just had to get that out. Cause life has meaning for everyone. And we can't throw it away like trash. So don't think that way. Okay. But good quiz. And don't worry about people liking it or not. If they don't then who cares. You wanted to get that story out and its out and someone in the world will appreciate it. And I suck a grammaer. I always have a war with it.

  • I love u so much don't die! (u said to me now it's payback) I got Aaron Simmons and in the results u made a one direction joke! "you light up his world." get it?? :-) I'm making my smileys have noses now cuz voldemort freaks me out! You yelled at me for saying sorry in the quiz too!!!! :-( I loved it tho keep writing! :-)

  • It was very good for your first quiz. I know several people who have considered suicide, so reading this was very sad to say the least, but real. I'm glad to hear that you're not suicidal anymore

  • no wait so ur seriously comtemplating suicide? ive known people who hav almost done that but ive never got that depressed ever because i wanna grow up and marry my crush (lol) and although my parents arent that understanding about my life...well i guess i wont say 'i know how u feel' cuz i dont, but just wanted to say,however stupid this may seem, the life ur living is not yours to take away and you have no right to take it away. no offense, but in a way, suicide is almost selfish because you are only thinking about yourself. not trying to make you sound like a total jerk or something... but jesus died to save you, and he created us for his glory, so we should tell other people about God. God originally gave you the life that you live and the breath that you breathe daily so that you can GLORIFY HIM. thats our purpose. but some people ignore it D:

  • Nothing is popping into my head right now. Please make another part, I don't know what to feel about it!!! Please make another part!

  • Thanks Guys. I'm not suicidal anymore...I'm putting my feelings in to this quiz so I don't actually do anything suicide...(:

  • For your first quiz it was good. Though it was short and a little confusing at the beggining,it was nice. Hope to see part 2 soon! :3 Rawr :3

  • That was.... cool.


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