The Shout Out Quiz

Yeah, I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road I'm gonna ride 'til I can't no more I'm gonna take my car to the old town road I'm gonna fly 'til I can't no more

I got the horses in the backHorse tack is attachedHat is matte blackGot the boots that's black to matchRidin' on a horse, haYou can whip your PorscheI been in the valleyYou ain't been up off that porch, now

Created by: Jeeshan

  1. The first shout-out goes to: dragonsfire.. you're pretty unique; you're in between mature and childish. The fact that you take any comment in gtq seriously is pretty cute. I also appreciate that you stand up against what's wrong and support your friends. Stay like this, kid. <3
  2. Next is SprinkledSpice.. you seem kind and fun. We really haven't talked much but you seem fricking adorable! <3
  3. It's katnisseverdeen1's turn // you're one of those people who have scored really high on my quizzes lol. I haven't really seen you but from the way you behave, I think you're beautiful. :3
  4. Up ahead is Jayfeather310! OOf babe ;_; i love you soooo much! (; as a friend obv.. you're one of my oldest and one of the youngest friend in gtq. you're super cute and super adorable! <3 always stay my friend or i'll kidnap chu.
  5. Next is Keyboard! Hi girl xD Ik maybe ive been mean to you but i really like you being here on gtq.. you seem nice and i honestly wish that guy says yes <3
  6. Next is I Heart You.. lol I've no clue who you are but stalking your past posts you seem rudely amazing. Maybe you're a troll idk but have fun. :)
  7. Raynefall! Hey, you are one of those people of my age lmao (others are kids and fetuses). You're really mature and a very good friend! I love you a lot as a friend. :D You seem so supportive and kind I'm jealous of you. I really like your taste in music and those drawings you had shown me before are just lit! <3
  8. LIONS! <3 The person who stays with me when I'm depressed.. you're really special sweetheart and I honestly love you a lot. You're a great friend. Thanks for always being by my side! <3
  9. PAIGE! Another person I love a lot! Your memes are hilarious and you're one of those people whom I trust with my actual contact number. I'm really glad you're my friend.. thank you very much for always being by my side whenever I am depressed.. thanks for understanding me. <3
  10. Finally, Stardust1. You're really beautiful, kind and mature. I miss those days when we were great friends.. before life happened to all of us lol. You've been really supportive. You seem to have a good grasp on Christianity. You're also super attractive lol. <3

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