Are you an accurate rider

This quiz isn't hard and if you made under a 60% don't think your gonna come ride my horse or I will say oh no! Lololol jk you did good thanks for taking this quiz

Yeah genius' are hard to find unless you have an easy quiz like so. Hope you made 100% if you really do ride.. But if you didn't oh well right haha I'm sure

Created by: Bojangles1

  1. What do you do if a horse does a mini buck.
  2. What kind of breed is secretariat
  3. What is a surpencis
  4. What are Horse feet called?
  5. Is it a good thing to hit a horse ever?
  6. Should you wear a helment
  7. Why is it important to not get your girth to tight
  8. Ways to tell a bit is to big
  9. Do you like horses?
  10. Is it good to tell someone else what they do wrong

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Quiz topic: Am I an accurate rider