The royalty random quiz.

Randomness is every where.In the streets, the towns and maybe even a pub or two but,is there randomness in the castle?Have you ever thought that maybe a queen is random orna king?

Find out for yourself in this random royalty quiz!Are you a queen or a king?Are you random enough to claim the title of royalty random?Find out in this medievil quiz now! sincerly:Jenna

Created by: Jenna

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. what do you prefer?
  2. when does the sparrows crow cock?
  3. at a royal banquet someone askes you an embarrasing question,you answer:
  4. pie!
  5. pineapple!
  6. in the royal family you are a:
  7. what would you say in the morning?
  8. you try to think of something sarcastic to say as an excuse for being late:
  9. wine!
  10. jam on bread ma'am?

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