lockdone express or lockdone royalty

Lockdone Express is about bad behavior, and bad behavior gets beat up. its a series of blackness where there are bombs and traps everywhere, people screaming out of fear, some screaming out of pain!

Lockdone Royalty is about respectfullness and is mostly for guys because they can be the most disrespectfull ones. but that doesn't mean that girls won't be a part of lockdone royaly, they too can and will join.

Created by: sweatpea206

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. bar or razors?
  2. have you ever been to jail?
  3. GUYS ONLY: have you ever hit a girl? now did you get into trouble for doing so?
  4. GIRLS ONLY: have you ever been to a private school because of bad behavior, now im talking smashed a window for fun
  5. have you ever shot someone with a bi-bi gun?
  6. next 5 will be on lockdone royalty only, to see if thats what you truely need
  7. are you respectfull to your elders?
  8. lockdone royalty is very hard to see, its about respesctfullness.
  9. now for lockdone express, this is for any crimes you've commited
  10. have you ever robbed a bank before?
  11. which do you think you are? lockdone express or lockdone royalty?

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