are you royalty

there is a genius in all of us but all you have to do to fide it alright there is a genius in all of a how are doing you do know i'm doing this besause i just want to do this because this is my first time make a quiz and for people

the question is can you get YOUR inner genius and will you let it out? i hope you liked this quiz because it was my first time and to prove it well okay i can't prove i'll give you that but i mean you don't have to believe me because i believe me so HA HA HA

Created by: geordon

  1. are you poch or a bit of a snob
  2. are you rich
  3. do you get alot of presents for christmas
  4. do you live in a manshine
  5. do you have a safe in you room behinde a painting
  6. are your friends real or have they been bribed
  7. is your tv huge and colourful or small and black and white
  8. do you have many game consoles and games
  9. do you have mades and servants in your house or manshion
  10. how many cars do you own if you are over 17

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Quiz topic: Am I royalty