Which famous Royal are you? (females only)

Have you harboured secret dreams of being royalty ever since you were a small child? Do you think you are a secret aristocrat, torn from your real life and placed in the hands of commoners? Find out if you really are.

Which famous Royal are you? Have you changed history, or are you merely a beloved icon? Until now you could only wonder but want to find out? Thanks to this quiz, you now can...

Created by: BeThY
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  1. Have you experienced any difficulties in life as a child?
  2. Which of the following describes you best?
  3. Which of the following name meanings most appeals to you?
  4. Which of the following outfits most appeals to you?
  5. Which of the following countries would you most like to visit?
  6. Which of the following animals would be your favourite?
  7. Which of the following jewels would you most like to own?
  8. Which of the following would you do on a Saturday night?
  9. A hot guy pulls a move on you, do you...
  10. Have you ever cheated on a spouse?
  11. which of the following is most true about you?
  12. I am captured by criminals, the first thing I ask for is
  13. My ideal wedding is...
  14. My ideal man is...
  15. If you were to suffer from any mental illness, which do you think you would be most likely to suffer from?
  16. Which of the following would you find most enjoyable?
  17. What sort of literature would you read?
  18. Your favourite colour out of the following is

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Quiz topic: Which famous Royal am I? (females only)