Do You Know SakuraTheGirl (STG)?

There are many many females in the world, but few are know at all. Females are seen differently to other men and women. But what can a certain female to be known to you. Someone who ain't horny nor stupid. Try to find out.

Do YOU know sweet girls? Do you have the right attitude to see threw just ONE female? Well you can find out here. Only a few questions based on one person that you may see...wronge. Hehe!

Created by: Kajune
  1. How old is STG?
  2. What is she intrested in?
  3. What's her skin of choice?
  4. Who's her favorite Character?
  5. What sister does she have?
  6. Who's her favorite couple?
  7. Who's her least favorite Character?
  8. Does she have any OCs?
  9. If you answered 'Yes' in the previous question, name one!
  10. Last question, what her PRESENT Personal Quote?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know SakuraTheGirl (STG)?