How VibeLine are you?

Many people come to our shows. Few hang out and talk to us during set breaks or afterwards. Fewer still know much about the band and its members. This quiz was designed to test the knowledge of our "true" fans.

Are you a true VibeLiner? Do you have what it takes to be in the upper class of VibeLine groupie royalty? We shall soon find out! Take your time and be sure to use a number two pencil. Shade only the box in which you think the right answer is located.

Created by: william

  1. where was VL's first official show at?
  2. in what city/town does VL base their operations from?
  3. what is VL's most requested original?
  4. which band has VL NEVER played a show with?
  5. what was the name of VL's original rhythm guitarist?
  6. what high school did the majority of the members of VL graduate from?
  7. what is the tentative name for our forthcoming album?
  8. the legendary "bad santa brawl" took place at which venue?
  9. a shoe full of beer was sucked down by jesse vipond at which establishment and who's shoe was it?
  10. where is the typical VL after-party located at?
  11. what color was ivan's original drum set?
  12. landon gabriel will proudly announce (when asked) that he is....
  13. vests over a t-shirt are a key ingredient in what member of VL's attire?
  14. our keyboard player matt sweeney also excells on which instrument?
  15. drummer ivan karosus works where waiting tables?
  16. where did VL play this year on St. Patty's Day?
  17. which member of VL is most likely to take his shirt off at any given show?
  18. how did VL come up with the name of the band?
  19. what NFL team logo is on the camo hat Billi-o wears?
  20. which two VL members got into actual fistacuffs?
  21. which 2 members of VL are related?

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