How Well Do You Know Evanescence?

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READ THIS!!!!!!!!!! Evanescence is a rock/punk band. There are many fans, but few true fans of this band. You may be a fan of their music, but if you are a true fan, you will pass this quiz.

Are YOU a true fan? If you think you are, then, without looking them up, see if you can match the lyrics to the title. I personally think that the band rocks, but that's just me.

Created by: Abby Death
  1. "So go on and scream! Scream at me, i'm so far away."
  2. "I've been sleeping a thousand years it seems. Got to open my eyes to everything!"
  3. "All that i'm living for! All that i'm dying for! All that I can't ignore, alone at night!"
  4. "I lay dying, and I am pouring crimson regret and betrayal!"
  5. "They took you away from me but now i'm taking you home!"
  6. "Here in the darkness I know myself, can't break free until I let it go."
  7. "There's so much more to come, immobilized by my fear."
  8. "I've been screaming on the inside, and I know you feel the pain!"
  9. "Must be exhausting to lose your own game. Selfishly hated, no wonder you're jaded."
  10. "Hold on, little girl. The end is soon to come."
  11. "I close my eyes and drift away, over the fear I will never find."
  12. "Long lost words whisper slowly to me. Still can't find what keeps me here."

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Evanescence?