How Well Do You Know Amy Lee? (singer of evanescence)

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There are very few people out there who truely know evanescence! (Amy Lee) So take this qui and see how well you know the rock genious! please take this seriously!

Do you think u have the power to reveal your true side of Amy Lee? the singer of evanescence? well find out and take this quiz because the rersults are completetly true

Created by: Cynthia of gothgirl68 wordpress
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  1. What Color Are Amy Lees Eyes?
  2. What Is Amy Lees Full Name?
  3. What Song Are These Lyrics In?: In My Field Of Paper Flowers!
  4. How Many Band Members Are In The Band evanescence?
  5. TRUE/FALSE Amy Lees Birthday Is In May
  6. Were Was Amy Lee Born?
  7. How Many Years Has Amy Lee Been Practicing Piano For?
  8. How Old Was Amy Lee When Her First Song Was Written?
  9. What Is The Guitarist Of Evanescences Name?
  10. What Lyrics Are: Im Your Life Living For You So You cant Hide...
  11. Are You Ready To See If You Are An Amy Lee Profesional?
  12. Do You Think You Will Ever Meet Amy Lee?
  13. Here Are The Results! :))) ^_^
  14. Did You Enjoy This Quiz?
  15. Am I Annoying U? :P

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Amy Lee? (singer of evanescence)