Are you a true Get Scared fan ?

Get scared is an amazing to rock band with awesome fans !Who can be considered a true fan ?Only those who know at least 80% of their songs and who knows something about each member as well !

Are you a true fan ?Do you know the lyrics to their catchy songs ?Do you know the band members ?Well thanks to this quiz you'll know for sure if you are considered a true fan .

Created by: Ashukuri

  1. Name the lead singer
  2. Who in the band is also known as Lloyd
  3. Drummer ?
  4. Which of these lines are the lyrics to "my nightmare "
  5. Which is a song from their album "Demons"
  6. Which is a song from Get Scared ?
  7. Again
  8. Lead guitarist ?
  9. Bass guitarist ?
  10. Rhythm guitarist?
  11. Whose surname is Juarez ?
  12. Adam's full name is
  13. Like drilling holes deeper in my teeth I thank the smile on my face (I'm leaving ) Constantly shoving your fingers down my throat,you know the best way is to bring the worse out of me .
  14. Cold white walls keep you from your pad and pen ,you just wanna stab again
  15. Who sang Built for blame ?
  16. Who sang Built for blame ?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Get Scared fan ?